PEM: Diane Lang on Life Learned!

Hi all,

Welcome to a new week and another Positive Energy Monday. 🙂 Hope each of you is well.

We’ve had our fair share of challenges this week but are hanging in there as a family and trusting God with the reins. He always seems to handle them better than we do, lol. 

Funny. I always grab my good friend Diane’s inbox entries and share. This one truly applied to me this week–and especially on Sunday, when we got some unwelcome news. (Nothing horrid and totally deal-able.) Guess I can boil it down to it’s been a week of teachable moments. 


Every day is a learnable/teachable moment. The more I learn to live in the Now and create my day, the more I realize every moment is precious and can be learned from.

This eliminates the right and wrong. It just means what is… is what is.

It eliminates “mistakes;” instead of worrying about making a mistake I now realize that there are no mistakes,  just teachable moments.

Instead of thinking of “failures”, we just realize we need to adjust our path to fulfill our dreams and goals. Every day offers new opportunities. If you realize that, then you will realize there is no such thing as failure. A new direction has opened up.

If we think in the moment, we realize how great each moment is. You’re alive. The moment is all yours to do as you wish.

When you live in the now, you break free from control issues. In the now, we don’t worry about the future and why should we? We can’t control it anyway. We let go of the past because we realize it’s gone and we have the power to make each moment be whatever we choose.

When we live in the moment we actually stop and smell the flowers. We realize how many simple moments of pleasure we actually have each and every day. The small things give us the biggest pleasures such as my daughter’s laugh, my dog’s excitement every time I walk through the door, the warm sun and the lazy days of summer.

If we all could live in the NOW we could release a lot of our worry, anxiety and fear. Imagine life without those distractions.

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Thanks to Diane, as always, for allowing me to pass  her wisdom to you. The more I get to know her, the more I realize how much great insight she has and how blessed I am to be on the receiving end of it! 

My HMO about a book I loved later this week! Thanks for stopping in!


6 thoughts on “PEM: Diane Lang on Life Learned!

  1. Living in the moment seems such a simple concept, but I find it notoriously difficult to do. As do many people, I’m sure. It takes a certain mindset–and practice, too, I think–to do so. Thanks for reminding me I need to put this concept back on the forefront. 🙂


    1. As you stated, Carrie, mindset and practice. With practice, it gets easier and easier to get back to that mindset of peace and less judgment. That’s the running theme of this post to me: when I’m not busy judging my actions as failures, I can recognize the opportunity to learn.

      Thanks, as always, for dropping by and leaving a comment! Always appreciated.


    1. Thanks, Anne. So glad you stopped in and found this helpful. Looking forward to you dropping in again.


  2. Thanks for bringing this to us today, Diane and Joanna. Always find your words wise and comforting.


    1. Thanks, Joy. All the credit to Diane, who is always kind enough to let me post her wonderful content. Glad this is helpful to you. I’ve had other responses indicating same.


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