Tribute to the Birthday Boy!

As I stated in my Monday post, last week brought its share of challenges.

And every now and again adversity will show you exactly with whom you’re facing life on the day-to-day.


FYI: We are not Melissa and Adam. These were taken in a photo booth at their wedding; I was rushing to get this photo uploaded before work. (Just got that desktop the scanner is connected to up and running, remember?) Guess I was already getting dance-tired but who cares? The night was young, lol. Obviously, Hunny had a great time. We all did. 

The life-obstacles that reared their annoying heads last week were financial. Without getting into details that don’t really matter (for purposes of this post anyway), I’ll simply own that I had fault in both scenarios. One was related to procrastination and the other gets blamed on my ever-increasing faulty memory. (That’s the hormones’ fault, right?)

Anyway, in both cases, a hero stepped up: mine. My hunny had every right to be highly miffed with me—and was briefly after our accountant delivered a bit of back-setting news.

Hunny calmly told me his feelings and then retreated to our room. I headed out for a walk, the kind designed to process more unwelcome info than one wants at any given time. (I understood, too, that the whole situation was not completely because of lack of action on my part. A third party’s action figured in, none over which hubby, myself or our accountant had control. Knowing that helped.)

Anyway, as I processed through this situation via a phone call to a friend as I walked, I received a text: I’m sorry. I have a plan. We will be okay.

Another couple might have wound up in one of those nasty, drop-down, dragged out fights. In the past, we might have argued. (Luckily, we know how to do so respectfully, most of the time anyway. J) I’d already been coming up with ideas of my own and am not in total agreement with his but—well, I screwed up to get us here, right?

Anyway, figured his birthday would be the perfect time to share with the cyberworld how blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life. We have our differences, but he’s always striving to do the next right thing, as the saying goes. And each of us takes a step back and looks at how we’ve never lacked no matter the situation, getting back to that place of being each other’s support and best buddy is that much easier.

Happy Birthday, hero, and all my love. Hope your day shines like you do!


3 thoughts on “Tribute to the Birthday Boy!

    1. Thanks, Carrie. I am so flippin’ annoyed with myself b/c I hit ‘publish’ on this post when I thought I was ‘updating’ while tagging the post. As always, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. B-day boy celebrates tomorrow (as in 7/25) but the intentions are the same.

      Have a great day and thanks again!


      1. One of the other bloggers I follow suggested that WordPress should have an “Are you sure?” box that comes up when we hit the “publish” button, and I think she’s right. It’s too easy to hit the wrong button!


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