Are You Published or Want to Be?

Happy Friday, friends! For those of you in the area who might consider joining me, I’ll be at the Howell Library, Howell, NJ tomorrow! I’d love to see familiar faces and some new ones, too!

Here’s the flyer!

What I Wish I’d  Known—and Done Differently—

 BEFORE I Got Published!

WHERE:     Howell Library   318 Old Tavern Road;    Howell, NJ 07731 (732) 938-2300

WHEN:         July 28, 2012    10 AM-12 Noon

That manuscript burned a hole in your hard drive. You prodded it, polished it to a blinding shine, then sent out query letters to agents and editors. Nothing to do now but wait for a response, right?

Maybe not.

New Jersey author of romance and women’s literature, Joanna Aislinn, has been there, done that and earned the tee-shirt. Armed with the knowledge and perspective only hindsight brings, Joanna will share important tips on what aspiring and soon-to-be-published authors should do while waiting for that first contract.

Joanna Aislinn’s debut novel, No Matter Why (originally published by The Wild Rose Press), was hailed by her editor as “…what a contemporary should be…an emotional journey…a beautiful story well told.”

When not working her day job or attending to a husband, two boys and two cats, Joanna is crafting sequels, planting seeds for future stories of love and commitment, judging contests, networking and expanding her writing and speaking horizons. Friend her on Facebook ( and follow her on Twitter (@JoannaAislinn).


For a variety of articles and tips on craft, social media and so much more, check out Joanna’s blog ( and website ( 

8 thoughts on “Are You Published or Want to Be?

  1. I am embarrassed to admit I never realized you had a book published. I really need to start looking at bloggers’ side bars and pages more. I’m not very good about that. Good luck tomorrow. 🙂


    1. My sidebar would have done nothing to enlighten you, lol. (And maybe a hint to me that I need to do something about that.) Since I currently own the rights to–and have not re-released–my debut, I haven’t said much about it.

      I am happy to report, though, that my son and I worked on covers for it and its sequel. Wish I had time only to dedicate to my writing and everything that goes along with it. Gets very disjointed trying to pull together all the parts to this writing/pubbed/promo/marketing thing.

      And work a day job, run a home and raise a family. Oh yes, and spend quality time with Hunny, too.

      Thanks, Carrie.


      1. It really is bits and pieces, isn’t it? “Do this now that I have a moment; will do that later during my break” and so on and so on. For those of you still working a day job outside of your writing, I applaud you. That’s exactly why it took me so many years to get to this point–my manuscript spent too much time in the dark, not being looked at. I’m impressed you keep up a blog with a job. Don’t think I could have when I was working.


        1. Thanks so much, Carrie, for your very encouraging words. I greatly appreciate them. Never feel that I can do enough.


    1. Currently reading your latest release–about halfway through. Interesting concept. Why can’t I think beyond the realm, lol?

      Thanks for your comment, Irene. We’re going to NYC, right 😉 ?


    1. You’re very welcome, Ashley! Thanks for stopping in? Hope you found enjoyable, helpful content here! Do come again. 🙂


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