This One’s Trouble! Cheesecake too!

Okay, I had to do it. Wasting delicious food is a no-no, right? Especially when it’s cheesecake related?

I’m blaming my online quick-cooking-from-scratch guru Stephanie ( for this one. She posted this awesome and ridiculously easy no-bake individual blueberry cheesecake recipe. Of course I tried it and had to play with it. (The recipe did lose out a tiny bit on the ‘from scratch’ end–but there are easy ways around that with a little creativity, depending on the ingredients you have on hand.)

First: I did the math and came up with a 9-inch pie version: two blocks of softened Neuftachel (makes for a firmer pie since this is a no-bake); 3/4 cup of sugar; vanilla and a squeeze of lemon/orange/lime–your choice–to taste. Mix on medium speed until creamy and well-blended, about 5 minutes. Spread it in a 9-inch prepared graham crust–or one easily made from scratch from 1-1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs, 1/3 cup melted butter and 1/4 cup sugar. (Toss together then spread in a glass pie pan.) Top with fresh fruit and/or chocolate chips, chill for a few hours and you’re good to go. (I suppose you can freeze it too.) Positively perfect for a super-quick and elegant dessert in a pinch!

Second: Here’s what I did with the leftover cream cheese mixture. I spread it on store-bought oatmeal cookies and topped each with half a fresh strawberry. Done! Like I said, you can’t waste it! BTW, I’m sure homemade oatmeal, chocolate chip or sugar cookies would work as a base, as would graham crackers.

So, special thanks to Stephanie for inspiring me in more ways than one! And to my iPhone-touting son who takes photos for his mom and emails them to me on the spot. (Even though I took the top photo, lol.)

Look for another super-quick recipe next Friday–perfect for back-to-school breakfast!

Have a great weekend. Please feel free to SHARE! Thanks!


3 thoughts on “This One’s Trouble! Cheesecake too!

  1. I enjoy a tasty slice of cheesecake, but I’ve always been too lazy to make it. Plus, since no one else in my family eats it, I’d end up eating the whole thing. But I love what you did with the cookies. Yum.


  2. That’s what makes this one so awesome. You can do individually with 2 oz of cream cheese and NO BAKING–that also means no cracked top of cheesecake either.


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