Two-Minute Check-In

Hi everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed the Labor Day weekend–even if it was a little wet. To any of you impacted by Isaac, please know you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

School starts tomorrow and the rest of the week promises to be busy. I’m hoping to get together some more vacation photos and thoughts to share in an upcoming post. Of course, I’ll have to sneak that in between tennis matches as the second week of the US Open always brings out the hardcourt junkie in me!

So until next time, take care and be well. Best wishes for a peaceful and productive new school year for those getting one underway!


5 thoughts on “Two-Minute Check-In

    1. I so miss those hours I had all alone in my home once upon a time. Kind of scary though, to think I might have them back sooner than I realize. They’re growing up really fast, faster than I ever thought possible. Thnx!


  1. Loving that the kids are back in school! They do so much better when they have more structure. But, time does fly – and I can’t believe we are worrying about drivers licenses!


  2. Yep, my older guy is already planning how he’ll get his permit before the driver’s class at school–how he’ll come up with the cash I won’t put out. (It’s my best stall tactic for keeping him off the road, lol.) Seriously, I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Seems childhood went fast, but these teen years are whipping by that much faster. Can someone please tell me how this happened?


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