With Whom Would YOU Sing?

Thanks to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress.com for the prompt for this post. Thought it would be fun to take on and makes for good audience participation, don’t you think?

Of course I’d love to duet with Donny Osmond–any of those wonderful Broadway covers he did on Somewhere in Time would do. So would my dream role: narrator to his Joseph (and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat).  Go figure: the narrator on the Canadian soundtrack looked so much like me–thinner of course–one of my sons pointed to the photo and said, “That’s you, Mom.” (I wish! He was quite a bit younger then, but I’ll take it. :))

Then there is my birthday buddy, Bono. How cool would it be to share the mike with him on Stuck in a Moment, Vertigo, The Sweetest Thing or my absolute U2 favorite: Walk On?

And I’d so sing with Kevin Bacon on pretty much any cut from any one of their amazing CDs–Tuesday, Old Guitars and the one we all heard first: Only A Good Woman.

So who would YOU sing with? Come on and play along!


9 thoughts on “With Whom Would YOU Sing?

  1. Well, I have no idea if he can sing or not, but I wouldn’t mind a little duet with Daniel Craig. 😉

    I saw Donny Osmond in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” years ago–I think in Chicago. I’m not a big fan of musicals, but I loved it! It’s probably my favorite musical, and Donny Osmond was fabulous in the role. But I didn’t get my picture with him. 😦


        1. No, I was serious, lol, and too lazy to look him up earlier. Think I know who you mean. I’ll have to check him out on Google or his website.


        2. Checked him out. Yep, I’ve seen him. My Bonds would have been Connery and Brosnan. Too bad Goran Visjnic never got it. He looked so much like Connery younger it was crazy.


          1. I haven’t seen him in too much since ER. A small part in a movie here or there.

            But of course, I jest about Mr. Craig. I’ll keep my Mr. Rubin, though we definitely shouldn’t be singing duets together…


  2. Donny has been my favorite since I was eight years old. That photo was taken at Costco, where I spent two and a half hours with the groupies to meet him. One of my best days ever.


  3. Hubby can’t sing. Nuff said. And less, Visjnic seems to have gone missing since ER, but especially since the daughter he is said to have claimed not his, even after paternity testing reportedly said different. Caught him on an episode of PanAm last spring (?) but that was it. Don’t think he has a website either, though I haven’t looked. Enjoy your day 🙂


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