French Toast with Dinner? Try This Spin on a Classic!

Happy Friday and upcoming weekend, everyone. Trying really hard to get back into a blogging groove and ideas that hit due to a no-big-deal error can really be a big help!

I was getting ready to bread chicken cutlets yesterday. Added too much milk to the egg mixture and was about to throw it out when a light bulb flashed: slice up the seeded Italian loaf staring me in the face and fry up as a French-style toast!  Honestly, a recipe doesn’t get much easier than this! (It looked really pretty too. Didn’t think to take a photo b/c I didn’t realize I’d be writing up the recipe and sharing it.)

You will need:

4-6 slices bakery bread cut no about an inch thick (you want the egg inside to cook);

1-2  eggs*, beaten (depends on how much you’re making and/or how eggy you want your bread to be)

salt to taste

fresh parsley, chopped (sometimes I just cut it up with a scissors)

1/4-1/2  cup of milk*

grated cheese* of choice (I always stock Parmesan but Adagio or even crumbled Feta might work nicely here too)

¼ cup (or so) of bread crumbs

*using egg whites and lower fat milk and cheeses might appeal to those conscious of fat and cholesterol)

With a fork or a whisk, beat together the egg, milk, parsley, salt and grated cheese. Dip the bread slices in the liquid mixture then coat on each side with bread crumbs. Fry over medium-high heat in a pan coated lightly with cooking spray until golden brown on each side. (I fried mine in the same oil I used for the chicken cutlet. I tend to be light-handed with the oil so I didn’t feel too guilty about any added fat.) Remove from heat, sprinkle with additional grated cheese and serve immediately. (Hubby wouldn’t try it but the boys and I will be partaking of such yummy concoctions during future meals.)

Topping this with some thinly sliced tomato (sprinkled with a touch of sea salt, oregano and more cheese of course) and putting under the broiler for a few seconds sounds like something I might try another time–maybe even with a fried green tomato.  Hey, this might work as an appetizer, too. Hmm. The recipe idea gears are grinding…

Your turn: what minor cooking gaff have you turned into an unexpectedly delicious meal or side dish idea? What about combinations you’ve tried that haven’t worked? Anyone have any big plans this weekend? Enjoy!

Thanks for indulging me. 😀 Until next time,


13 thoughts on “French Toast with Dinner? Try This Spin on a Classic!

        1. Guess that’s up there with me liking home-cooked food over restaurant food pretty much anytime. Now that you mention it, that may be the biggest reason I can pass on that chore any day–okay. Almost any day.


  1. As a matter of fact, Joanna, I used to make French toast for supper, years ago. There was a salad seasoning with cheese and other spices. I’d dip regular whole-wheat sandwich bread around in egg yolk, plop it in the skillet, and fry it in butter. Mmmmm…maybe I’ll haul that recipe back out, if I can find the same seasoning. (I think it was made by either McCormick or Lawry.)


    1. That guest-post easy-recipe round-up I just mentioned in a reply comment to James is starting to sound like fun and your recipe sounds seriously yummy too. We do pot-luck style suppers within my little cottage community. Once I made French toast (mostly b/c my older son ate nothing of all the wonderful foods available). Skipped the daniva (how he used to say vanilla ;)), sugar and cinnamon. I’ll be darned that whole platter went. French toast is also a great go-to when said son shows up with 2-3 pals (sometimes more) for dinner unexpectedly. Breakfast-for-dinner works for me too! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. French toast is one of my favourites especially with maple syrup and crispy bacon! This sound really nice though. Most recent gaff involved an excess of runny lemon icing for a cake. Managed to salvage the cake from a very delicious puddle of lemon drizzle and rather than throwing it out I turned my shortbreads into it and after half an hour I had lovely iced biscuits. My proudest cooking moments though have been when I’ve had next to nothing in the house and literally 15 mins to cook, eat and washup. What I did have was a handfull of kalamata olives, half a red pepper, half an onion, some good linguine and fresh extra virgin olive oil. Finely chopped and sauteed while the water is boiling and pasta cooking. Delicious, even more so with some freshly grated reggiano. Mmmm.


    1. OMG, James! This sounds like a recipe I might have to copy, paste and post with all credit going to you, of course. Maybe I’ll throw out a request for guest-post easy pasta recipes. Yours will have to top the list! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Those biscuits sound pretty awesome too. Did you make the shortbreads?


      1. Sweet! I used to make my own biscuits but on this occasion they were good Walkers’ scotch shortbread, very buttery. Always happy to spread good ideas. I’m a bit of a risotto guy as well, I mastered it while living on a shoe string as a student. My twist, however, was to use beer instead of white wine, just because it was there. It works extremely well, especially a malty beer with mushrooms or something similarly rich. Enjoy!


        1. Are we talking beer to make the risotto? That sounds pretty yummy too. What type of rice (?) do you use? I believe many folks use basmati rice. And can you tell I know very little about risotto, lol?


          1. Yes and always arborio rice, it’s size makes it perfect for absorbing all the stock, beer, and other flavours. I’d be happy to write a recipe for you on this one. It’s a bi of an art because it requires so much care. The result is always worth it though. 🙂


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