And The New DWTS ALL-STAR Champions Are…

MMMelissaaaaa and Tonyyyyyyyyyy! 

Now how fun was THIS season? No clue HOW DWTS are going to top this one! Every season I thing that and then the creative incredibles there somehow do it again! Would have loved to post this image but I’ll just link to the blog where it lives instead. Just scroll down a hair for a fun photo of the All-Star Champs. What a way for Melissa and Tony to win their first trophy!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! (I’m sure this dancing duo will! :D)


4 thoughts on “And The New DWTS ALL-STAR Champions Are…

  1. I’m so glad you posted this, because I forgot to look up who won! Unfortunately, I didn’t watch last night. In fact, I’ve been so busy since my book’s release, that I haven’t been able to enjoy the show like I usually do. I always had my laptop on my lap while I watched, so I didn’t give it my whole attention. But I’m happy they won, because it was about time Tony got that trophy. 🙂


    1. Tony definitely deserved a win–he so had it coming. Sometimes I vote on finales–I voted mostly for them b/c they HADN’T won before. The other two finalists had already won in previous seasons. So how cool was it to get his (and Melissa’s of course) first win on the All-Stars? Talk about a title!

      I’m sure you’re very busy. Hope you’re having fun. Thanks for always taking the time to stop in and comment, Carrie. Much appreciated.


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