Thoughts Post-Superstorm Sandy–Part 2

Welcome back, friends and thanks for indulging me. Maybe it’s late in the game, but  I have this tremendous desire to not forget that people will be recovering from Superstorm Sandy LONG after media coverage has moved on to more immediate situations. How wonderful it was to happen on Fox News, on a Pay It Forward segment about nationwide church efforts to help those in need in this area. For example, a New Orleans group is sending a truck-load of supplies to Staten Island. Not only are those folks still recovering from Katrina (seven years later) but they haven’t forgotten the kindness of volunteers then (and now).

I guess too, this is an outreach to donate in any way you can to relief efforts—not just for Sandy, but for anyone in your area in need. Some folks will be living in trailers and makeshift housing for a long time. (Heck. Haiti hadn’t gotten over its last earthquake. Sandy delivered torrential rain and mudslides. For more, check out this segment of ) Shelters need food, water, clothing, linens, towels, toiletries and sundries. (A friend from Staten Island said bleach and cleaning gloves are in need—makes sense if you’re treating mold-covered objects. Out in Queens, 110 homes went up in flames.)

Now might be a great time to get into your closets and cupboards; pare down the stuff we keep saying we’ll go through and know we don’t need. (The Red Cross takes blankets and monetary donations. Local churches often collect all kinds of household goods to send to missions, family members, etc, in places where there is an ongoing need. Even getting your unwanted items to your local Goodwill or thrift store works—someone is always looking to spend a little less on clothing, etc). If you can, volunteer your time and your talents. Help someone recover some of the things that mean most to them or just be there while they try to make sense of the mess. Lend your ear and a hug.

An online search of local relief efforts can help you decide how best to pass on your donation. If you live in or near any of the affected areas, talk to people there. They know better than anyone who needs what.

And if you’re so inclined, pray.

Thanks again for indulging me. To my new followers, welcome. To ALL my followers, a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts Post-Superstorm Sandy–Part 2

  1. USA Today had a good article this morning about the devastation Sandy incurred not just on property and material things, but on one’s spirit. People are bogged down by bureaucracy in trying to get the assistance they need, and their spirits are trampled every time they look around at the debris in their area. My heart goes out to them. I appreciate your post in making people aware of the fact that help is still needed.


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