Remember the Titans?

We’re talking the classic feature film here, one of my all-time favorites.

Hi all–hope you’ve had a nice weekend and that all is well–or as well as it can be!

Happened across this article on Yahoo! and found myself tremendously inspired. Superstorm Sandy left her mark. (If you like, you can read my 2-part thoughts post on her here and here.) She devastated too many to count in more ways than I’m sure any of us can truly realize. Here though, is some very young proof of the human spirit and how indomitable it truly is, especially when it functions as a collective.

As per Remember the Titans, this story sounds like it has all the makings of another classic one I’d love to see interpreted on the big screen. (What can I say? I’ve got a thing for against-all-odds stories, especially those that involve sports!)

Later this week, a super-easy, incredibly tasteful side-dish recipe for lazy but-love-to-eat cooks like me!

Enjoy and have a great day,


2 thoughts on “Remember the Titans?

    1. I hope so, Carrie. Sometimes though, crisis pushes me to achieve things I might have avoided otherwise, being the creature of habit and comfort that I am. Take care and thanks!


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