On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

Joanna sat long enough to greet her friends and followers!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We’ve had a packed last few days over here: last minute shopping; party at sis-in-law’s Saturday and at my brother’s on Christmas eve and we hosted four on Christmas Day. I was so excited when I rediscovered my counter top and dining room table around 10:30 Christmas night, lol. It’s all good and made for another year of beautiful memories.

So, for those of you who engaged in the festivities, care to share?

I inadvertently walked into an ‘ugly sweater’ contest at school. Heard I garnered a few votes and wound up adding myself to the running at sis-in-law’s party. (Only hubby voted for me at that one. And he cheated: voted twice. Amanda really deserved the prize–and she got it.)

What say you? Should I have won?
What say you? Should I have won?

Tried getting a little creative with the fresh mozzarella platter. Other than that, I got lazy with food prep this year. (KISS worked for me. ;)) Just too much going on and not enough time. Thank God my younger son was so into decorating and wrapping. Not sure I would have enjoyed this particular Christmas season as much w/o his input.

I normally do this dish with tomatoes but went with roasted peppers and basil pesto this time.
I normally do this dish with tomatoes but went with roasted peppers and basil pesto this time.

So that’s it, I guess. How did you all spend your Christmas? And do you observe the twelve days of Christmas in any way? (I usually pick up a small gift for each family member for the Epiphany–a.k.a. the 12th day.) Not sure about other cultures, but the Italians observe it.

Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on  an excellent weekend read!

Have a wonderful day, folks!



One thought on “On the Fourth Day of Christmas…

  1. My Christmas was definitely more restful. Just the four of us. But I did cook a big meal Christmas day, from which we are still enjoying the leftovers. Between the cookies and stuffing, I don’t even want to say how much butter I used. Oh, boy, not pretty.

    Very cool your youngest son helps you with decorating and wrapping. My boys have no interest in either, though they do put the tree ornaments up. 🙂


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