Post #290–How Did That Happen?

And for the heck of it, how about we take some just-for-fun time to share (at least) one of the dumbest things we’ve done!

Hi all. Was having some FB fun with one of my cousins. We were talking about Little Christmas (a.k.a., Three Kings Day, Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, etc). She mentioned la befana (she’s sort of the equivalent of Mrs. Claus, I guess) who comes in the night with her broken shoes and leaves a little gift.

I always get my family a single, small “Little Christmas” gift. Of course, I couldn’t find my younger son’s—even his Christmas gifts eluded me until about 8 AM Christmas morn—so I sent hubby to a neighborhood store as soon as he got out of church.

Meanwhile, cuz had already started the ‘befana’ stuff last night, and it became a running joke all day. She specifically wanted to know if I’d ‘run out in the night’ to get younger son another gift.

Got me thinking about another time I went out in the night—it was actually 5:30 AM on a day when my boys were very small and hubby left for his day job at 6. (It was like religion to him. He actually didn’t start until 7. We all have our ways, right?)

Well, I was very low on gas the night before—the gasoline icon was on. Figured I’d run out before he left in the morning.

Which I did.

In pajamas.

While my boys slept and hubby chomped at the bit figuring I’d be late.

(Which I’ve often been and continue to be.)

And never considering we were in a deep freeze and the car needed time to warm up.

For which I didn’t really have enough gas.

What did I do, you ask?

What any normal mother of small children out at 5:30 AM does in the dead of winter in a near gasless car with iced-over windows:

Chip through the ice until the space is big enough to see through; then repeatedly rub that tiny ‘window’ clear with her hand while praying there are no other cars on the road and giving eternal thanks the gas station is just a few blocks away.


What it’s-funny-now escapade(s) have you lived to tell about? Don’t be shy: step up to the comment box! (Or scroll down, which may be more effective. ;)) And maybe, while you’re at it, you’ll take a moment to click a SHARE button too.

And finally–Go Packers this weekend!

Have a great day,


6 thoughts on “Post #290–How Did That Happen?

  1. I guess driving into the garage with my bicycle on top of the car wasn’t the smartest thing I ever did. Or lighting the three foot tall grass on fire, then praying for it to go out before it burned down the 200 year old trees. And hill climbing impossible challenges on my motorcycle, then falling to failure along with it. What brilliance! 🙂


  2. Love it, Franko, especially the fire. (I’m assuming you were trying to get rid of it?) Sounds like you and my hubby could be great friends. He’s been known to check under cars and gas clothing dryers with cigarette lighters. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Since I get up early to work out, I’m always dressed and made-up by the time I drive the kids to school. But I often still wear my slippers in the morning. One time I forgot to change them for shoes. The whole drive I kept thinking, “Great, I’m going to have a fender bender or my car will stall, and I’ll be in my big fuzzy slippers.” Real classy.

    By the way, I sent you a FB message a while back. Did you ever get it? I just remembered now that I sent it. 🙂


    1. I’ve gone out in PJs once or twice. The best was my friend who, in high school, “borrowed” her parents’ car to run an errand. She put on jeans and a very glamorous faux fur jacket. Said she stuffed a long nightgown into and under the ensemble.

      Haven’t noticed a FB mssg but I will check again. Thnx.


  4. I ended up at church one time with two different pumps on. I think I’d put both on to ask my daughter which one looked better, and then got busy and forgot and hurried out the door for church.


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