Craziest Coincidence?

Hope all is well with everyone. Has anyone taken on James Stratford’s risotto yet? I’m hoping to do so sometime soon.

Every now and again a JFF (Just For Fun) is in order. Not sure if anything remotely similar to this will happen again in this lifetime, to me and my hunny anyway.

Over the weekend I went to a shopping town in PA. In a small shop I overheard a woman talk about having recently run into her nurse practitioner at the airport in North Carolina. Not the kind of thing that happens every day (unless you commute regularly with the same people via air) but not totally off the map unusual, right?

Brought to mind an incident that took place on my honeymoon. Hubby and I flew to Mexico and checked into our hotel. Being a rather considerate smoker, my hunny did all his puffing on the balcony attached to our room, hanging his arm over the rail and tapping the ash onto the ground. He happened to look down and realized his ashes were falling on someone’s feet on the balcony below. (I’ll assume he started using the ashtray immediately after that. :))

We settled in and went poolside first. There hubby ran into our neighbor’s brother, a guy hubby knew since his twenties or even before that. And go figure, the guy was staying at the same hotel.

The men start chatting. Hubby offers his friend a cigarette. That led to hubby telling him about tapping the ashes onto the feet below our balcony.

Yep! You know it. That same guy belonged to the feet on the balcony below.

Now is THAT a coinkidink or what?

Your turn!


3 thoughts on “Craziest Coincidence?

  1. There is a restaurant called “The Melt Bar and Grilled” in Cleveland where they serve grilled cheese sandwiches that are beyond calorie-naughty. It was featured on Man Vs. Food on TV once. It’s about a 40 minute drive for us, and we don’t go often because it’s so unhealthy and it’s always very busy. But one weekend when my husband was out of town, I told my sons I’d take them. We drove all the way out there only for me to discover my wallet was not in my purse. So, frustrated, we had to drive all the way home. No sense going back, because it would be too busy.

    Then, the next weekend, my husband offered to take them, giving me some quiet time at home. He drove all the way out there as well, only to discover he, too, had forgotten his wallet.

    Needless to say, we did not impress our children on either occasion…


    1. Your story reminds me of one my boys and I had involving my promise to take them to Taco Bell. You just gave me another excuse to write–thanx! And thanks for your comments AND the RT. Have a great day/night 🙂


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