Post #300–Wow! How Did I Get Here? and THANK YOU!

Am I out of my mind? (Answers do not have to be recorded for my reading pleasure, thank you! ;))

Believe it or not–I certainly don’t–this is post #300! Had I been paying attention I probably would have gotten it up sooner.

Yes, friends, you’ve dealt with me for close to three years and 300 incidents of my musings, opinions, recipes and reflections (and surprisingly close to the three-year anniversary of my first post–so not planned). Every now and again, I’ve hopefully taught something, got you thinking, elicited a smile or chuckle or turned you on to a recipe you’ll use for years to come.

One could also hope I’ve created the desire for you to come back, despite the inconsistency of my posting at times, as well as the seemingly random subjects I’ve touched upon. I truly wish I had more time (and better focus and organizational skills) to really explore or chat about everything that interests me in some shape or form.

I THANK EACH OF YOU WITH ALL MY HEART for taking the time to visit and making me feel I am not alone here in cyberspace. (Giant hugs go out to those who comment regularly and to those of you who share my content.)

There are no words for how humbled one feels.

My sincerest gratitude,


6 thoughts on “Post #300–Wow! How Did I Get Here? and THANK YOU!

  1. Congrats on the 300 posts and nearly 3 years of blogging. That’s an impressive feat in a blogosphere where many blogs come out strong and then fizzle quickly. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Carrie. As always, you’re very kind. Three years or 300 posts, I definitely often feel ‘fizzled’ (or is that frazzled ;)).

      Enjoy your day!


    1. Thanks to you, Juli! Kind of can’t believe it myself, when I really slow down a sec and think about it.

      BTW, you’re very welcome. Take care and ttys!


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