Rockin’ Jeans and The Great Fitness Experiment

Welcome to the second full week of May, folks. Hope all of you are well.

Poor hubby should be in recovery by now. The anniversary/wife’s birthday/Mother’s Day annual event is over again. Every year the poor guy gets slammed.

Back to business: I subscribe to more blogs than I can keep up with, but I do try to hit on each every now and again. This one absolutely made my day. It proved I’m not out of my mind—okay, maybe just a touch less than I thought.

I always enjoy posts by Charlotte Hilton Anderson, author of The Great Fitness Experiment (book and blog that go by the same name). I’m sure she is far fitter and way more fitness-savvy than I’ll ever be, but she also tends to be very real. A post she aired about two weeks ago caught my attention big time.

She talked about jeans, about how hard it is for those who work really hard at building and sculpting their thighs to buy jeans that fit them well and comfortably. Believe it or not, those with “musciliscious” thighs (which I’ll never have), experience problems with jeans very similar to those of us blessed with “ample” body parts and the so-called-healthy pear shape. Gapping waistline, “sausage legs” when fabric hugs thighs too tightly—those of us who love jeans know how elusive that perfect-fitting pair is to find.

She also mentioned a company named Barbell Apparel that is getting ready to launch a line of jeans that fit well-muscled folks. I figure, said company can only benefit the well-endowed crowd. (Here’s a Washington Post article that shares a tad more detailed, for those who are as excited about this as I am.)

Getting back to my questionable sanity, Charlotte helped me feel a lot better. I’ve recently gotten into some barre workouts. (Some related posts, including a link to my favorite video of same, are listed below.)

In the past month, since I added the barre workout(s), I’ve been feeling really good physically. As I commented on Charlotte’s post, however, I’ve also been noticing that my never-will-be-musciliscious-thighs seem to be growing despite the exercise efforts I’m putting in.

Perhaps they are, for once, maybe for the right reasons. Who knows for sure?

My weight has held now for about five years. Yes, it’s more than I want but still a good 25 pounds better than when I started making lifestyle changes.  The evening before I wrote this post, I nervously put on a pair of pants that had been sitting in a bag for two years—one of those pairs I had hoped to “get into” after losing 5-10 pounds.

I’ll be danged if I didn’t do just that–with my weight still where it was when I bought them, I’m pretty sure.

Joanna--04-26-2014 (Of course real estate between the waist and the knees is undercover–it’s all about illusion, right? 😉 )

Anyway, this is a big thanks to Charlotte for helping me realize that I’m not totally crazy—and for inspiring me to try on those pants. BTW, a pair of black jeans that fit awesome were in that bag too. Those just got hemmed at the tailors! Yay for jeans that fit well!

Rather than drag this one out, next week I’ll talk about Italian mothers and how they influence one’s self-esteem so well, lol.

So, where do you stand on this topic? Do you like jeans? Does fitness make you feel good or frustrate you? Did you ever consider that fitness had drawbacks?

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My (current) favorite ballet barre workout 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Rockin’ Jeans and The Great Fitness Experiment

  1. I love wearing jeans. I think it’s from all those years of not being able to because of the job. Now with some time off, it’s all you’ll find me in. 🙂


    1. I’m in them most of the time too. I like dressing up for work, but I also like the hang-out feel that favorite pair never fails to deliver. Thnx, Carrie 🙂


    1. Any chance you’re a sister from another mother, Tess? I’ve patched my two favorite pairs. I’m kind of desperately in need of a couple more pairs, but have no desire to go shopping for them. Thnx!


  2. I have a friend who hasn’t worn a pair of jeans for 20+ years! AND she’s lithe and lean. Can’t figure that one out. I, on the other hand, wear only jeans (with stretch). They’re easy, you can dress them up or down, and they last forever. You look fabulous in your jeans – keep at it!


    1. My mom has never worn them. Says jeans are too “hard”. Most of my jeans have a touch of stretch too, lol. Thnx!


  3. @Tess: I always forget about that option. Saves one the trouble of breaking one’s jeans in sometimes, yes?


  4. I love jeans. I have tons of pairs. But when I worked out with a trainer my legs were leaner. Now I predominantly practice yoga and that changed the shape of my legs. Which changed how my jeans fit and I don’t love that. I recently tried on a pair of shorts in the store. The length was perfect, the thighs snug and the waist huge! Who designs these things?! If I went up a size for more room in my thighs then the shorts would’ve fallen off! We’re not crazy. the clothes are!


    1. Lol, Stacey, thanx for making me feel so much better! Yep, it’s the clothing, not us! I have that same issue with the gapping waistline–a little elastic sneaked into the waistline and pulled up does the trick. Can barely tell and so much cheaper than getting them tailored for something so simple. Thanx again and have a great weekend 🙂


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