Mothers, Jeans and Self-Esteem

Welcome to another week, folks, and a new theme. Always a pleasure to be here and share with you! Thanks so much for stopping in 🙂

mothers day flowers 2014   Mother’s Day Flowers from all my men–I’m too short to get a good image if vase is on table, lol.

Joanna n baby boys  I’m thinking my boys were one and three (?) in this image. Now the big one is the little one, and the little one is the big one. Where did the time go?

Joanna n Niconus 05-11-2014  Older son and his ma on Mother’s Day–the other guy goes camera shy. 

joanna n hubby Mothers Day 2014   Hubby and me on  Mother’s Day :). Now why didn’t I insist on a photo with both my boys????

So last week I shared about jeans, finding that elusive, “perfect-fitting” pair (I’m sure I’ll look for a loooong time, lol) and some encouraging news on that topic via Charlotte Hilton Anderson’s blog, The Great Fitness Experiment. (Among the reasons I’ve always liked Jennifer Lopez too. In many ways, she put those of us whose back ends like to uh…hang out more than others on the map. She also very kindly helped designed a line of  jeans made to fit said folks. Thanks, J-Lo! )

Rather than drag y’all through a longer-winded post than usual last time, I figured I’d pick up with a related topic today. (I promise, people, I’m working on keeping these shorter. )

Much as I love jeans, I hate shopping for them. (I’m to the point where I’m NEVER in the mood to shop for anything—eh, maybe shoes every once in a while. I always seem to gravitate toward the same colors and styles anyway. Seriously, how many red jackets or purses can one person have?)

A couple of years ago, I was killing some time on a Saturday morning. Strolled into the local TJ Maxx and wandered over to the jeans rack. I wound up trying a tan pair of skinnies just for the heck of it, in a brand that tends to fit me better than others.

Danged pair actually fit okay, even in the trouble spots. Long story short, I didn’t like them enough to buy them. I did, however, feel encouraged b/c a pair of “skinnies” almost fit well enough to be a choice.

Met up with my mom later that day. Feeling good, I told her about the jeans. Her automatic (paraphrased) response? The jeans fit because they weren’t cut right and/or had stretched.

No way on the planet—in her brain—I could have lost a pound or two, or have walked and exercised my way into that cut.  Then I wonder why shopping for clothing is more distasteful than it should be, lol.

So go figure, a few weeks ago, Mama actually complimented me in a pair of skinny jeans. I believe she phrased it something like, “I don’t know if you lost weight or it’s the pants, but those look good.”


Mama almost knocked me out. (Feel free to go a little LL Cool J here.  What can I say? My latest TV addiction is NCIS Los Angeles.)

Joanna n mom Mothers Day 2014   Okay. We’ll let Mamma have a spot on the blog b/c she said I looked nice in my jeans. 

So, my blogger-friends, shall we go there? Shall we talk about how our self-esteem relative to clothing all comes back to Mom, lol? If that’s the case, what helped you get past it? (For me, a single book changed a lifetime of perspective. This related blog post tells that story.)

Here’s the link to the post that got me started on this blogging jag. (It’s over at Charlotte’s blog.) I also came across this assortment of seemingly simple exercises  Charlotte authored for Shape magazine. I hope to have checked them out more closely by the time this post airs.

Have a great week, everyone!












8 thoughts on “Mothers, Jeans and Self-Esteem

  1. Well, I’m a big believer in we can’t pick our parents. Because the good Lord knows I’d never have picked my father. Of course, that would’ve meant a different mother and I like her most of the time! Ha! I also believe once we’re adults it’s our responsibility to change how we feel about ourselves and we can’t keep blaming our parents for their bad choices. Why give them that much power? Why give anyone that much power? No one defines you, but you. A favorite quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt.


    1. I love that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, along with Abraham Lincoln’s: “A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be.”

      Happiness and peace truly come from inside, from understanding who I am, what I can control and what I choose to get upset over. (Well, my limbic system is generally on board for the latter, lol.)

      Thanx, Stacey!


  2. I always order my jeans from either The Gap or Old Navy. I guess once I find something that works, I tend not to stray.

    Your post made me realize I didn’t get a photo with my two sons on Mother’s Day, either. Funny, on Father’s Day I always get a pick of my husband with my sons, and yet there are so few pics the other way around. Think it’s time to talk to the hubs about this…


    1. Old Navy jeans do nothing for me; never tried Gap. I tend to do best with Ralph Lauren, but they’re a bit hard to find unless I go to an upscale mall.

      Take a pic with your men and call it Mother’s Day. Only you and they will know the truth. 😉


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