Tailor-Made Dental Appointment?

Hi all. Hoping all my American friends enjoyed the extended, Independence Day weekend, and that everyone else got to do something productive, fun and/or relaxing too.

Today I’d like to dedicate to my dad, gone twenty years on this date. Rather than get into something long-winded, I figured I’d share a little episode from back in the day when my dad was still here. (If you’re into reading tributes, feel free to access his here, written two years back.)

I am a crafter. I love making pretty things! Back in my hospital-working days, I loved splinting, too. Always found it so cool to take a flat piece of plastic and custom-mold it into an object of healing.

I’ve painted, made photo albums, frames, stenciled—just name it. (Yes, writing absolutely counts. Writing a scene makes me so happy: taking a blank screen and giving it sight, sound, taste, smell. People talking, living, etc, all b/c of a thought or idea that took on life via how words are combined.)

Just recently, I tried my hand at a very simple quilt.

Quilt (front)  05-2014  Made my own binding! (Raise your hand if you love YouTube. 🙂 )

Assembling the pieces with pins reminded me of a time I took my dad to the dentist. (You’ll get the connection very soon, I promise.)

Quilt (back) 5-2014 This is the flip-side. LOVED this simple fabric!

Long story short, the dentist started poking around in my dad’s mouth. After a while, he asked if my dad had worked as a tailor.

I was flumgubbered. “How on God’s earth could you know your patient’s occupation by looking into his mouth??”

Dentist went on to explain that tailors tend to put pins in their mouth, often when measuring clients for alterations. (I’d witnessed that action many times—do it myself every now and again, too.) Over time, the pins leave tiny scrapes on the enamel; these are visible to the dental expert’s eye.

Go figure!

Your turn: have you ever had someone guess at your (or someone else’s) profession, vocation, day job, etc) via some ridiculously seemingly unrelated clue?

Have a great week, friends!


8 thoughts on “Tailor-Made Dental Appointment?

  1. Ha, that’s funny the dentist could spot that. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced something similar. But now I’m wondering what my dentist has deduced about me from my teeth. 😉


    1. Mine probably deduced I was terrified to go. I had some loon with some kind of an air-pop, novacaine-shooting injector when I was about 8. I wound up traumatized.


  2. I’m very impressed with your ability to make a quilt! I don’t sew. I used to scrapbook, but then I decided to spend more time writing and some how it’s ten years later. I’ll get back to the scrapping eventually. Maybe when I have grandchildren. Like in a hundred years.

    I love to bake and decorate my cupcakes and cakes. I got that love from my grandfather who was a baker and darn tootin’ good one, I may add. 😉 He didn’t have his own teeth, so I doubt the dentist could tell what he did for a living. Or…maybe he could.


    1. You are too funny! I find cupcakes tedious but I can get into decorating a cake. As per the quilt, it worked for me, but a serious quilter might have heart failure watching me fudge it together–except for the binding, courtesy of you tube!


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