Love Can Lead You to your Angels–Part 1

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with all of you. Are we seriously past the midway point of July??? Why does summer  fly by faster than the other months?

A while ago, I promised a short series that tied into some recent posts from Kristen Lamb. Because writing the first seems to have erupted open a big can of worms in my already-overconvoluted brain, those are on  the back burner for now. I will get to them eventually. Kristen touched on some really important topics parents deal with, some which can be very challenging to younger parents. I’d like to do them justice.

In the meantime…

Every now and again ANOTHER thing happens to further my belief that God puts people in my path exactly where and when I need them.  (Feel free to substitute the universe, Higher Power, or whatever you choose to call an outside force you believe impacts your life—assuming you adhere to the a tenet that an outside force impacts your life. If not, call it coincidence.)

I have a 2002 Camry I absolutely love. Bought it at a great price from a local rental car dealer in 2004. It had 32K. It now has ~130K miles and has needed exhaust and mount work for close to a year. (I kept putting it off. Quotes I got were quite pricey. Figured I had until this past April before I had to pass inspection. April came. April went. So did May, and I was at June’s exact mid-point when I drafted this. It is July’s midpoint as I edit and post, BTW.)

Did I mention I’m a procrastinator? A very good one?

Anyway, the Camry is my second Toyota. My first was a brandy-new Celica GT I bought when I got my first real job. Sold that baby at circa 89K b/c the trans was banging, and I was told I’d have to have the trans rebuilt to the tune of $2600 or so. I learned the car sold a second time. To the best of my knowledge, the trans work was never done.

Once I got pregnant with Older Son, Hubby started thinking along the lines of a minivan. With three part-timers (a.k.a., Hubby’s boys, a.k.a., my stepsons), we wanted to be able to travel in one vehicle when the boys visited.

I won’t share which brand, but we did buy a new minivan, a new model that had just been released. It was okay at first, but as time went on, issues showed up. These included alternator problems—corrected under warranty—and transmission issues (which started rearing their ugly heads about one month before the five-year warranty ran out).

Forgot if we got it repaired. All I know is, one morning I had a whole five minutes extra time between schools after dropping off Older Son. I remember wondering if I should splurge that time getting a cup of coffee. While I pondered that I reached down for my purse to grab my cell phone.

Looked up just in time to see the plumber’s compressor in front of me (not that I knew it was a plumber’s compressor).

Didn’t see it in time to stop before I plowed into it.

(Note to self: Multi-tasking while operating a motorized vehicle may not necessarily be the best idea. Nor is buying a vehicle that hasn’t been around long enough for it’s problems to show, especially once the warranty runs out.)

A familiar face showed at my passenger window. I knew I hadn’t seen the man in quite a while, and I certainly couldn’t remember his name. “I know you!” was all I could say before I started crying.

He nodded. “I’m Joe. Don’t worry. Make sure you’re okay.”

I was. That was my luckiest crash ever. Totaled the stupid minivan. We still had full insurance coverage and got more for it from State Farm than I could ever have made selling it.

Put that cash toward my current Camry. The second I got back in a car—a blessed Toyota—I knew I was home. My minivan days were done.

In the interest of brevity, I’ll stop here for today. In the meantime, tell me about your relationship(s) with your vehicle(s). Do you have a favorite make or model? Does your car become a part of you, or are you a leaser who easily lets go?

Have a great day and catch you later in the week!



9 thoughts on “Love Can Lead You to your Angels–Part 1

  1. 😀 😀 😀
    Sorry, I can’t help myself. I call this an intervention as well. Good to have had the decision making taken out of your hands. All’s well that ends well. Glad you weren’t hurt and yay for your Celica GT.
    I’ve loved my cars–most of them–but only if they take me from point A to B. 😮


    1. Getting from A-B is a given, but not necessarily in Hubby’s gifted 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass–that’s just not me, lol. Thnx, Tess!


  2. I like to keep a car for a long time. Takes away that angst of getting a ding or scratch on it. Plus it’s nice to drive it long after it’s paid off. I recently got a new car though, and now that angst is back again. Then again, that new-car smell can’t be beat!


    1. Being payment-free, after 5 years with that danged minivan is enough incentive to not go new again, lol. Got to experience new with my Celica, so I can claim that twice, if I include the minivan. Had the full rustproof treatment done on the Celica before I picked it up–not just the undercoating–so I never got to enjoy the new-car smell anyway. I am sorry to have missed THAT experience. Plus, I have trouble letting go, so I’ll hang on to my dearie Camry for as long as I can :). Thnx, Carrie!


  3. Hubby and I like to keep our cars for a long time. Shortly after Noodge 1 was born I sold my Honda Civic 5 speed, which I loved, for a minivan. Noodge 2 showed up a year and a half after Noodge 1, how did that happen, and I was glad for the space. Kept that puppy for 11 years. The engine was still going strong, but the plastic stuff on the inside started wearing out. Traded it in for my Dodge Durango which I love! Nothing says “get out of my way” like that silver, chrome plated grill.


    1. My brother leased a Durango when they first came out. Got to drive that baby twice to/from airport to pick up our mom, who was returning from Italy at the time. Loved how it handled! Loved it enough to write it into the sequel to my debut novel, lol. Thanks, Stacey!


    1. Figured it was that way, lol. Guess I might have done the same, had I been in your shoes. 😉


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