Checking In (And Out?)

Hi all,

Just popping in to say ‘Hi’. Hope each of you is enjoying this very mild summer those in my neck of the US are experiencing.

I might be posting later this week–not quite sure yet–and wanted to let you all know I’ll probably be a might (more) inconsistent for the rest of the summer. So many things I’d like to focus my attention on–so little time to get it all done, especially when one has the attention span of a gnat. (I think I downgraded myself from flea, which is most likely appropriate.)

In the meantime, I came across a very interesting blog post by mystery author Susan Reiss. She discussed storyboarding one’s novel. I’ve used a similar technique with a sticky-notes app on the iPad and really liked the visual effect (i.e., using one color for one character’s POV, etc). Hope some of you find it helpful! I’m also sure Susan wouldn’t mind some company at her blog and Facebook page, so please drop in and say hi for me too!

Have a great one!


11 thoughts on “Checking In (And Out?)

    1. You’re welcome. Think I might go download that sticky notes app on my newer iPad. It’s a pretty cool tool. Thnx, Tess 🙂


            1. As am I, Tess. I have basic working knowledge of a PC and ipad or iPhone, but am not one to expand on what I know unless I stumble onto it. I might not have opened the mop either. Hubby has taken over that chore and is into it, in his own weird way. Better for me, lol.


            2. I keep looking at the box, though and am curious what exactly is inside. My floor also needs washing. Maybe I’ll get to it sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed. Something new to figure out. Sheesh.


  1. Huh – I never thought of a Sticky app for my iPad. Of course, I’ve only had my iPad for six months and am just starting to figure out how to use it for writing. I did my own storyboard stuff with index cards, colored Sharpie markers, and a blank dining room wall. I needed to make sure my story threads were balanced, but the extra was that, since it stayed up for so long, I got some brainstorming out of my husband as he kept walking past it!


    1. Hubby’s input b/c he kept passing by your storyboard: cool! I’m thinking subliminal stuff kicked in. Putting your storyboard up on the wall is a great idea too.

      I went to an iPad course relative to my day job (school-based occupational therapist) and the sticky-note app came up. So many apps, so many features: I’ll NEVER figure them all out. I do use it to take notes (Notes app) when I go to conferences, meetings, etc, then email myself the notes and save them in a related file.

      Thanks for stopping in and for your comment, Jennifer. Hope to see you again!


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