Keeping It Simple–Kid Memories

Hi all. My weekend was busy; good thing it was long! It included a trip to the ER with my mom, two shorter reports for work and a wake on Sunday afternoon. And….the November paperwork from school keeps piling up. (Bleh. I HATE paperwork.)

All this also means the blog will be VERY simple this week.

Fall at Lenape pond 2014 Took this on Columbus Day–gives me a quick serenity fix in a pinch. 

One huge shout-out: Heartfelt gratitude goes out to our veterans. I could thank you to the limits of the Milky Way and back and still not thank each of you enough for your sacrifice. And active-duty military personnel? Ditto.

Okay: Favorite kid memory (or when you knew your child was a genius—every parent thinks so, right? 😉 ):

Older Son was about 12 months and sitting in his high chair. With a water-based marker, I drew a smiley-face on the chair’s tray, figuring I’d do the eyes, ears, mouth, etc thing. I was capping the marker when he looked at my sketch and said, “Hi.” What are the odds he was way ahead of me, lol?

Doodle by Nic or Kev I’m pretty sure Older Son is the artist. I referred to this a few posts ago: the kid-art on the louver door in the bathroom I will NEVER paint over. If this sketch is an inch big, I’m overestimating, lol.  

Of course I could go on and on, but I’ll share one episode that really had me flumgubbered. Same kid was anywhere from three to four years old. I was getting him into his car seat and noticed the container of wipes I normally kept in the car was face down, flip-lid open and flat on the carpet. I picked it up and was pleased to note (and comment) that the wipes hadn’t dried out.

Older Son didn’t miss a beat. “That’s because no air got under there.”


Somehow, he’s always gotten how things relate to one another.

Your turn, and yes, you may share about any child (niece, neighbor, student, etc) who has left you slack-jawed with their ability to infer!

Have a great day, everyone!


14 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple–Kid Memories

  1. You always sound so perky and energetic, Joanna. I love your kid stories. Too early in the morning for me but I’m in awe of how kids’ minds work. They are amazing aren’t they? You have a good day as well.


    1. Thanks, Tess. Most of the time, I’m too energetic–probably a mild form of hyperactivity, lol. That results in a lot of milling about with little accomplished in a linear fashion.

      As you know, I work with kids. Yesterday, one of my fourth graders–who I met and started working with when she was under three years old–told me she was going to do student council and tell the principal to give all the teachers more $$$. She has my vote! 😉


        1. Given her energy level at school, I’m thinking busy. Love her. She looks just like Cindy-Lou Who from The Grinch, too, the original animated one. Next year, she leaves me when she goes to 5th grade at another school. Every year a piece of my heart goes with all of them, esp. the ones who I’ve been with for SEVEN years. They start to feel like your own.


  2. Hope things are okay with your mom. 😦

    When my youngest was two, he was drawing at the table with his grandma. When I came into the room, my mother-in-law showed me what he’d drawn. It was a huge eye, realistically shaped, complete with eyelashes, eyelids, a pupil, and iris. It took up the entire page. At first, I thought my MIL did it, and I thought she was teasing me. But nope, my two-year-old drew it. I still have it in his scrapbook. But he moved on from drawing to doing magic. Guess once you’ve mastered the eyeball, life as an artist is peaked. 😉


    1. Thanks for your kind wishes toward my mom. She says she’s okay. How is yours doing?

      Wow. That’s amazing–wonder what spurred a two-year-old to draw something of that caliber! How old is he now? What field(s) might he be interested in pursuing?

      Interesting, my Older Guy went through a phase with magic when he was much younger. He’s still pretty good at a few tricks.



      1. My mom is doing okay, thanks. She’s just trying to get strong enough for her second surgery.

        My youngest is 14. He wants to be a working magician. Luckily, he’s also considering engineering. 😉


        1. IDK how old your mom is, but I guess it gets more challenging all around as they get older. I’ll keep her in prayer.

          Hey, Chris Angel–among others– made a ton of $$$ as a magician. I’ll bet all those guys draw on their knowledge of engineering and physics to stage their illusions. 😉


  3. When Noodge 2 was about a year and half the first two words she put together that made any sense were “chicken nuggets”. She said it as we were walking into a restaurant. Chicken nuggets were also the only thing she ate at the time.


    1. Chicken nuggets were obviously very significant to her. Once Older Son’s speech was fully established–he went from single words to full sentences by 14 months, maybe?–he used to call the stairs, “dese,” not that I had a clue what ‘dese’ were, lol. Then one day, I’m paying attention when Dad is holding him and jumping down the last three steps into the living room: “One. Two. Dese!”

      Took me a good while to figure that one out.



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