When Your Gift Says “Love”

Hi all,

Hope the middle of the week finds all of you well, and that you’re not overwhelmed keeping up with all the extra to-do’s the holiday season brings. Hubby had surgery to his other shoulder last week. He’s hanging in there and dealing with the pain and discomfort like a champ. His wife-the-occupational-therapist-by-day gets to treat him with some stretching (and frequent reminders to put the cold pack on). So far, he’s been a pretty good patient.

Younger Son put the decorating-the-house wheels in motion; he’s got Christmas handled both indoors and out. At 16, he’s really into it, and getting better every year at making our home look (almost) better than I can. 😉 As long as he helps pack it up after Little Christmas…

silver tinsel tree

So this past Sunday, Hubby and I met up with my mom. We did our annual trek to purchase grave covers and the Charlie Brown tree we always put up at the cemetery. (You can read about how that tradition started here.)

Because the day before had blessed us with at least three inches of rain, I decided boots—fashion of course 😉 –would be the best choice of footwear. As I slid on and tied my knee-high, lace-up pair, I remembered that these were ‘special’.

Why? Well, I’ve got a small foot and a calf that’s larger than the average person with small feet probably has.

Translation: knee-high boots and I don’t see eye-to-eye on where the zipper should stop closing. 😦

A few years back, I’d come across the pair I wore Sunday at a large retailer. The zip-and-lace-up design accommodated my legs well. Of course, they were out of the half-size-up I prefer when I buy boots. Guess I mentioned to Hubby I would have liked them as a Christmas present.

I got them. He made his way to a branch of that store about 40 minutes away in one of the worst downpours that year to insure I got what I wanted for Christmas.

That says, “I love you,” in my book anyway.

How about you and/or yours? How have you shown—or been shown—love when it comes to gift giving? Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa? Do you have a favorite? What makes it so?

Okay, folks. I’m supposed to be doing paperwork and trying to figure out why I’m having technical issues elsewhere that need attention.

Enjoy your day,


10 thoughts on “When Your Gift Says “Love”

    1. I hear you, Carrie. I guess I put off the shopping part. It’s no fun to search for gifts when everyone has everything. I’m hoping to get out this Friday. Good luck. Somehow, it always comes together, right?

      How is your mom?


  1. Wonderful you got the boots of love. 😀
    I have some running around to do. Haven’t started on Christmas. I’m getting later every year. Sigh. ❤
    What is Kwanzaa? I've never heard that before, but that only means I live in the cabbage patch.
    Like the Christmas / winter look. N.i.c.e.


    1. I just commented to Carrie how I put off the shopping every year, too. Even when my kids expected Santa I’d get overwhelmed. Hubby is big on having ‘enough presents to open’. (That mentality makes me a little nuts, but we won’t go there.)

      Here’s a link to info about Kwanzaa: http://www.officialkwanzaawebsite.org/index.shtml. I wish I could summarize it better, but I don’t know enough about it to start.

      Thnx for the compliment on the Christmas look Gotta luv free WordPress themes 🙂


      1. I could have looked that up. Never thought of it. Thank you for finding this. I’ve never heard of this before.

        Sorry to say, I’ll be glad to be back to normal time after the New Year. Sorry if I’m a party-pooper.


  2. I was happy to oblige, Ms. Tess. Younger Son makes things a little crazy–impulsive and ‘wants to get things done’ (like his father, help me, Lord–but we’re blessed. And it’s always nice to get back to normal after New Years. Agreed, dear. Have a great day!


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