Goals, Resolutions and Organization–Oh My!

Welcome to the second full week of the new year! Hope all is well with all of you. 🙂 As you can see, the holiday decor is down and all looks bare–kind of like my home. (I’m really missing the Christmas decor, more so than in other years, I guess.)

At the end of last week’s post, I alluded to some aspirations for this year. Since I didn’t do a New Year’s “resolutions” and/or “goals” post, I thought the comment below might apply. I left it in response to a recent post on staying organized at Jami Gold’s excellent blog. She is so dedicated to her followers. I’ve yet to fathom how she has the time to work a day job, stay on top of her many projects and write the detailed, ridiculously informative articles she posts for writers at her site. (Just scroll down the right sidebar. I promise you’ll find something that speaks to you.)

When I have the time and some structure, I can do very well in the organization dept, but mostly of ‘things’ or ‘duties’ (i.e., household papers, closets, notes for school, etc).

Re: writing and projects: I’d gotten insanely overwhelmed with trying to do too many other ‘writing-related’ tasks while working on developing some workshops I plan to teach. (Last year) I wrote some specific goals re: the workshops, and made a conscious decision to put the fiction writing to the side for a while. (Story ideas weren’t getting me anywhere either.) That helped big-time. Although one piece is missing (publishing the digital and paperback companion booklets), it won’t hold me back from starting the contact phase.

Goals: I jotted a few down last January. They’re on a word-doc somewhere. I revisited them once and found I’d made more progress than expected.

Every step forward gets me closer to my goal(s). I can slow myself up by judging the pace, or just keep on feet-forwarding it.

I also came across this: “The first and most important step toward success is that we can succeed.” Nelson Boswell, as quoted by Don Charisma at his awesome and highly inspiring blog.

Do I have the organization part handled? Eh, never so much as I’d like. Daily life keeps me very busy w/o the avoidance tactics I manage to throw in there on a regular basis.

Allow me to own this too: I think my biggest issue is the fear of failure/fear of success thing, so my newest goal is to hit SEND and initiate the contact needed to set up speaking gigs—with a spreadsheet to keep track of who I contacted and follow up via phone or email.

Here’s the irony: Whenever I do a workshop, I start out exactly the way I sing: a touch tentative up front, but get into the groove fast. I always come out energized and excited b/c my inner performer LOVES being at the front of the room. Just sayin’.

So what is the ultimate outcome behind resolutions and/or goals for you? Is it to forward your career or to self-improve? In the final analysis, I don’t see how one can truly be separated from another.

Awareness of one’s motivation, however, can make all the difference.

What drives you toward achievement?

Have a wonderful week,


12 thoughts on “Goals, Resolutions and Organization–Oh My!

  1. Awesome piece Joanna, for me I never really write down any new years resolutions. I am committed to my goals I have written those down and I am grinding to stay on top of them. I like your method of hitting the send button. Just by doing that you are ignoring your fears and acting despite the presence of fear. As you rightfully say establishing your Why!! for achieving your goals will pull you towards them. As far as self development and achieving your goal is concerned. I am of the view that self development is the foundation of any sustainable success. It about BECOMING, as against, obtaining. Unless you become the type of person, then your work or your talent might take you some place that your mind can’t handle.


    1. Thank you, Lewar, for your kind words and your insight, especially the last sentence in your comment. Excellent food for thought.

      I have been reading through your blog. I am intrigued and inspired by all the wisdom you’ve recorded there. I am also challenged to action and am very grateful to have found it.

      There’s a saying, “When the student is willing, the teacher will appear.”

      Methinks a few stars have aligned. 😉

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  2. I’m not what I call a success. I plan, I focus and I aim, but in the end, I’m not exactly on the money. I keep at it till the job is done. Maybe like an ant with too big a load, pressing on regardless. 🙂 🙂 :-D.
    Now you know everything about me: I’m persistent, not consistent. 😀


    1. Persistent, not consistent–no wonder we’ve become such good online friends, lol. Are you my sister from another mother, perchance?

      So, Ms. Tess, how do you define success? (B/C I related–maybe too much–to what you said about plan-focus-aim. Not that I’ve ever excelled in the eye-hand coordination realm. I can hit a tennis ball b/c the racket has a big face, lol.


      1. 😀 😀 😀 I believe we’ve had this conversation before. Hello, sister from another mother.

        These days success is waking to a peaceful world, moving on my own steam, having the ability to read and write, and once in a while writing a decent story.

        I’m a happy person. I never had high-faluting goals. I have enough and have been lucky never to have been hungry or out in the cold and wet. I can’t multi-task anymore, but that’s fine with me. I need to learn to slow down. Now you know everything about me. 😀 😀 😀


        1. Sounds like you’ve aspired to–and are living–a peaceful, content life. Smacks of success to me.

          Slow down? Maybe once in a while, to catch those Law & Order SVU and NCIS reruns I’m hooked on, lol.

          Guess what: now everyone at my blog-house knows everything about you as well. 😉



    1. Thank you, Maya. I greatly appreciate your visit and all your kind wishes. I’ll keep you all posted 😉 Happy 2015 to you, too!


  3. “Awareness of one’s motivation, however, can make all the difference.” – Very well put 😀

    “What drives you toward achievement?” … I like challenge, creating and doing what people say can’t be done … also good to be taking responsibility for oneself financially …

    And thanks for the mention, very kind 😀




    1. Thank you, Don, for your very kind words. I too, enjoy challenge, especially when the learning that tends to go along with it helps me help others in areas where I’ve struggled–and still do, depending on the area. If there is financial gain to be had too, well, that would be gravy. In the long run, I hope to make it a staple. (Perhaps a protein, as I find it sustains me much better, lol.)

      You’re very welcome re: the mention, but no need for thanks. I love the content at your blog, and benefit from it greatly. My pleasure.

      Be well 🙂


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