OMG! Wedding Anniversary #19!!!

Good morning, blog-visiting friends! Always a pleasure when company comes by!

Taking a moment to wish my hunny a very happy NINETEENTH wedding anniversary! Can’t believe how much time has elapsed! Grateful beyond words to be sharing this journey: still growing and changing, as individuals and as a couple. This link is for you! (But whoever wants to can check it out. Sometimes, you just “gotta.” :D)


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In the past, I’ve commemorated this day by writing a post on commitment. Rather than re-invent the wheel again (!), I’ve linked you up, should you care to peruse any of the essays. The last is not so much about commitment, but it counts: one of my favorites: it’s about romance and Olympic figure-skating gold-medal legends, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov.  (All links are below.)

Paul and Joanne single

Hunny ‘n’ me–back in our single days. (Image credit: IDR 😉 )

Hey! It’s My Anniversary—Again!

Wedding Anniversary (#17)

The Big “C”—Part 1

The Big “C”—Part 2

The Most Romantic Moment

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Thanks for indulging me. (And extra hugs to my hunny!)