Sharing Unique and Special Holiday Traditions!

Twas the week before Christmas and all over my blog, we’re slowing down long enough to talk holiday traditions unique to us!

   I goofed with size (my brain fritzed out and had me convinced my ceilings were seven feet instead of eight. My kids and their friends swooped down on it–kind of like at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas–and did a great job making it a respectable representative of the season (or so I think). Thanks guys!

Back to traditions. Mine started out twenty-four years ago, Christmas 1987. One of my two brothers had passed away in May of that year. Leukemia won out after nine months of him being sick more off than on, beginning the August prior and kicking up its efforts the following March. My mom, being a rather old-school Italian immigrant, wouldn’t allow any type of Christmas decorations that year.

Guess I really wanted a tree. I bought a small real one, took it to the cemetery and decorated it. Every year since then I’ve brought my brother a tree; it’s my family’s gift to him. As time passed my mom became part of the decorating team—nothing spectacular: just dollar-store decorations that wind up spending the rest of the year in her car’s trunk. (Her Italian ways dictate that nothing from the cemetery ever enters one’s home.)

Once I got married, hubby and my stepsons became part of the tradition and today, my boys and I put up the perfect little Charlie-Browner yet. (Should have had my son, Ace-Joe-I-Phone Photographer–who gets credit for the above shot–snap a shot to post here.)

Your turn, friends: I’d love to read about the special thing you do that sets apart as yours one of the current holidays. And I’ll check in later this week with…whatever I can come up with that’s fun! (Maybe a simple but yummy recipe that would serve as nice but different appetizer at get-togethers? Hmm. That might just work! :))

Have a wonderful day,