Gray Matter–Amazing!

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hope those of you ravaged by Saturday’s surprise of a snowstorm have gotten back power or will be back in the light real soon. Was very blessed here. My heart and prayers go out to those of you who are seriously inconvenienced by Mother Nature and the havoc she’s wreaked these past months.

So there is what my entire town looks like. Wow. (Photo courtesy of my son–thank you! :))


Quiet time comes in unexpected ways, people. My mom was sick over the weekend, so I did a couple of overnighters at her home. Thoroughly enjoyed the peace while she slept. (Aren’t I a wonderful daughter, lol? And there were teens at my house. ‘Nough said.)

Okay, this post is kind of out of left field, or some remote place in my head that always gets flumgubbered (LOVE THAT WORD ) whenever I get an opportunity to note how awesomely the gray matter works. Stop for a second. Think about how incredible it is that these images and thoughts we have—abstract entities unto themselves—are rooted in a physical, biochemical process that has its own agenda. (Of course there is a case-in-point coming. Would I disappoint those who look forward to my illustration of every point?)

On a recent Sunday, hubby and I went to a nearby pumpkin farm, just to chill and spend some time out on a gorgeous fall day. While we walked I recognized a man I couldn’t place. I heard his voice in my head but couldn’t put words to it. He appeared to be with family and I felt as if I’d be intruding by going up to him only to ask: “How do I know you?” The entire time I was there, I kept looking for him but I gave up and let it go. My normal work week ensued.

Thursday of that same week, I took my mom to her cardiologist’s appointment. No sooner had I turned the car into the lot when my brain instantly visualized the man at the pumpkin farm. “That was Doctor ______!” my mind said.

Amazing the connections the psyche makes all on its own, right? How it stores information and retrieves it when the circumstances are just right and just so. (Back to being flumgubbered.) Can’t imagine only I’ve lived such experiences. Who will be first to share?

(Now why can’t I just spew out chapters the way some of these posts spill out of me? Just sayin…)

My fresh-fixins’ (almost) homemade pizza recipe–look for it Thursday or Friday of this week!

Inspiration to all of you writers taking on the NaNoWriMo challenge; may the words be with you!