Diane Lang–More Blessings

This just in from Diane Lang, and at a time when, just yesterday, I was speaking to a friend about something I perceived as very negative. She suggested I ‘bless it’ rather than complain about it. I’m now working on that and figured it tied right in to Diane’s email. Thanks to my friend and to Diane for passing these on!

Hi! My sister shared with me that I needed to update my abundance list for the fall/Winter season. So, I added some seasonal blessings.

More Blessings…

*I feel blessed to see the leaves changing colors and how pretty my drive to work,school,etc with all  the pretty colors

*I feel blessed to cook all this great food on the holidays and to open my doors and welcome in family and friends to share with me

*I feel blessed that everyday I wake up, nothing exciting has to happen, I’m just grateful to see another day

*I’m blessed that I actually learned less is more and really truly understand what it means

*I’m blessed that everyday is a new chance to help others and be the best person I can be

*I feel blessed that I get to see my 12 year old dog roll around in the snow like he is a puppy all over again

*I feel blessed to watch my young daughter put on her snow suit and run outside to make snow angels

*I’m blessed that I can bring out the child in me and make snow angels with my daughter

*I feel blessed that I can let things go and realize it’s ok not to control everything – what a release it is to let things go!

*Finally, a personal blessing- I feel blessed for the illness I ‘am going through because it’s taught me to slow down, let go and trust within

Thank you to everyone for being part of my blessings. I’m so grateful to share my thoughts with all of you. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Please feel free to share your blessings/gratitude moments with me.

Thank you

Diane Lang


Diane Lang Counts Her Blessings

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving, friends. Courtesy of my great friend, life coach and counselor Diane Lang, and as we re-settle into the ‘normal’ that goes along with this busiest time of the calendar year, please allow me to slow down a second and share these wonderful reminders of what  brings true peace to my heart.

As always, Diane, I thank you for passing these on:

This list is just a reminder of all the abundance we have in our lives at any moment. This is a reminder to live in the here and now. We are our happiest when we live in the moment. This is a start of a list of all we have to be Thankful for. Keep adding in all your blessings.

1.  The clear sky with its bright blue coloring

2.  The sun shining

3.  The warmth that I feel on my skin on this sunny beautiful day

4.  The breeze that cooled me off

5.  The green grass that feels cool on my feet

6.  The beautiful surroundings that make me smile every time I look around me

7.  A sense of higher power: looking around at all this beauty there has to be something bigger than us

8  My adorable 12-year-old golden retriever who doesn’t seem to realize he is aging while he nudges me with his ball

9.  The local libraries that offer me free books, movies and magazines which I took advantage of on this beautiful, lazy day

10. The ability to read my books and use my creativity and imagination to a get a full view of the characters and the story I’m reading. There is nothing like visualizing!

11.  The freedom to choose what I want to do with my time and my life. I’m lucky to have the freedom to take the day off and enjoy it the way I please

12.   The ability to change my perspective at any time. I have the ability to see the glass half full or empty – I choose full!

13.  The ability to laugh and smile

14.  The ability to enjoy my family and friends.

15.  To give and receive love

16.  The wonderful food on my dinning room table that I can share with my friends and family.

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Diane Lang, MA    Positive Living Expert/Educator   www.dlcounseling.com

Thanks so much, Diane. Looking forward to posting your ‘updated list’ next week!

And, as always, I thank all of you for stopping by.

Have a great day,