#FollowFriday? No, #FridayFrittata!

Happy Friday everyone!

Ash Wednesday set Lent in motion, so how about a meatless recipe? And in the spirit of Twitter’s #FF (Follow Friday) we’ll call this one #FridayFrittata.

As with all of my recipes, I try to keep things easy. I must say, however, this one might take a little practice to make the way I do. Trust me, experience is the only reason I can flip the thing the way my mom does, but there are ways around that (which I’ll share as we go).

So here goes Joanna’s Momma’s #FridayFrittata:


4-5 medium-large potatoes, peeled and cut into ½-inch cubes

3-5 eggs, lightly beaten (as if you were to scramble them)

Parmesan cheese*


Parsley* (preferably fresh or frozen and lightly chopped—something about the smell of dried I don’t like)

Cooking spray

Oil (canola or olive)—enough to fry potatoes (I tend to be light-handed and fully coat bottom of pan)

How to put it all together: Spray the bottom of a large (12-inch) fry pan. (Non-stick is best in this case.) Cover bottom of the pan with oil; enough to allow you to turn the potatoes with a spatula and coat them lightly before you start cooking, know what I mean? Fry over medium-high heat, stirring and turning as needed until golden and tender as you like.

While potatoes are frying, prepare the egg mixture. Beat the eggs together with the remaining ingredients. Spread potatoes out so that they cover the bottom of the pan evenly. Reduce heat to medium and pour the egg mixture in, making sure to distribute between and around the potatoes.

Use the spatula to lift the sides and make holes to allow the egg to run to the underside.

Okay, the tricky part*: When the bottom is firm enough, cover the pan with a large plate. Hold one hand firmly over the middle of the plate and grasp the pan’s handle even more firmly with the other hand. Invert the frittata onto the plate. (The less-cooked top should be in contact with the plate.) Slide it back into the pan and continue to cook until the egg is done.

This dish tastes best served immediately but leftovers are yummy too!  Pair it with a salad, soup, toast or even pasta with garlic and olive oil for a light and tasty meal.

*Some folks skip the flipping part. (I just made a mess until I got it, lol.) Though I’ve never done this, another way is to take a large pie dish  and slide the frittata into that, uncooked side up. (Or simply start with a frying pan that has an oven-safe handle.) The whole thing then goes into a 400-degree oven for no more than 10 minutes (or until the egg is firm but not dry).

For a photo (not mine, but a good representation), click here.

Let me know how you make out! And if you like what you read here, would you kindly take a minute to help me spread the word and click one of the share buttons? Thanks so much!

A great weekend to all,


Fridays are for Fun–and Comfort Food Too :)

Friday is here again! Happy upcoming weekend, friends: hope it’s restful, fun, productive—whatever you want it to be!

So what’s more fun than a simple, comfort-food recipe (especially when I get to eat it, lol)?

This one can do breakfast, lunch or dinner—and is ready in ten minutes or less. Keep in mind, this is not the best choice for anyone watching their cholesterol count as is, but can easily be adapted to be more heart-healthy.  This also works for those who abstain from meats and makes a great Friday meal during Lent.

What you’ll need:

One slice multigrain bread

One egg plus egg whites (or only egg whites)

One slice cheese of choice (I like white American; a low-fat, 2% slice works well too)

Cooking spray and/or oil (I like canola)

Put it together: 

 Spray a non-stick frying pan and add a teaspoon or so of oil; tilt to coat pan.

Toast bread and cover it with cheese.

Heat pan over medium to high heat. (Don’t make pan so hot egg burns once you drop it in.) Crack egg into pan and add as many egg whites as you like. (I always add one). When white is set gently turn egg over and continue cooking until yolk is as cooked as you like. (Soft—but not runny—for me.) Remove from heat, gently place egg on toast/cheese. Season with salt/pepper to taste. Serve hot and enjoy! (I love to dip the bread into the yolk. Maybe it’s an Italian thing?) Fruit and coffee round this out beautifully and often keeps me un-hungry for up to four hours.

What are some of your favorite, simple meals? Share them here! (If we get enough, we can collect them into a freebie pdf cookbook and offer it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble? What do you all think?)

 All the best!