Wilson, Our Real-Life Neighbor

Hi all,

Hope you all enjoyed a less rainy and gloomy weekend than those of us on the east coast did, but in the end, it’s all good, right?

Just a little shout-out here for a couple of YouTube workouts I’ve been thoroughly enjoying as of two weeks ago. Have a friend who swears by her ballet barre workouts. Being a non-gym kind of girl, and in definite need of a shake-up to my exercise and walking routine, I looked barre workouts up.

Came across two I really liked:

Jessica Smith’s Ballet Barre Workout (no barre really necessary, unless balance is a major issue) and BarreConcept’s Ultimate 20 Minute Barre Exercise Workout. (The latter instructor has an English accent and a voice that takes a bit of getting used to, but she’s in my head now, lol. Plus, the workout is short and even a bit addictive. Besides, the second woman from the left is me, right?) I am most pleased with having been able to do most of both workouts the first time, and that none of the moves are overly complex. Yep. Even I can follow them.  PLEASE NOTE: Don’t forget to consult your physician prior to beginning any workouts, especially if you have health concerns of any kind.

Other than that—and having nothing in particular to share this week—figured I’d tell you about our family’s real-life Wilson. (This would be the friend that dramatically called across the lawn when hubby had me believing he’d bought that Harley. That story posted two weeks ago. If you like, read it here.)

Wilson’s legal name is so not Wilson. Long story short, he and his family moved in next door when I was pregnant with my younger son. We had a pool then, and a wooden stockade privacy fence.

Yep, every day, our new neighbor peeked over the fence, much like Tim-the-Tool-Man’s neighbor Wilson did in the TV family-comedy series, Home Improvement. I started calling him Wilson. The name also served us all well, as it created a distinction between hubby and the guy next door, who just happen to share the same name.

Wilson and his family moved at least ten years ago. He and hubby remain close buds.

The name stuck. Most people who meet (or have met) Wilson through us have no idea that is NOT his first or last name, lol. And my boys? To this day, they call him Mr. Wilson (not to be confused, however, with the Mr. Wilson of Dennis the Menace fame).

So y’all confused enough? Have you ever named someone in your life after a TV character? If you were to do so, who would you pick?

Okay, we be done for today. Please share if you feel inclined to do so. Anybody try his/her hand at the cookie bar recipe I posted last week? If so, how did they turn out?

Be well and have a wonderful week,



My Angels Came From…(Faith and Angels–Part 2)

Picking up where I left off this past Tuesday, friends. (Here’s the prequel, in case you’d like to catch up:).)

Yes, we’re back to talking angels. Last Friday (on my scheduled “day off”–or day when I work for no pay) I was at my new favorite supermarket. There I ran into a mom whose son I worked with as a preschooler. He is now in eighth grade. My older guy is in ninth. We mentioned college. With that came the topic of ‘where will the funds for that come from?’ so I went into my God-gives-you-what-you-need-when-you-need-it spiel and cited the examples from the previous post.

At nearly 2 PM , I took off from there toward school then decided the trip could wait until Monday. I missed a turn and figured it was no big deal to stop in since I was only two blocks from the school. (I wanted to drop off a couple of things I’d picked up for one of my wheelchair-bound students. I’ll be darned if I didn’t walk into her class at the very moment the teacher and this student’s assistant were struggling with the wheelchair’s leg rest.  I offered to help and in less than sixty seconds I had it fixed and showed them how to pull the piece just so, to avoid the problem in the future. (Moving and/or removable pieces on a wheelchair are just part of the rehab-occupational therapist’s gig.)

Another coincidence? I suppose, but at the risk of sounding full of myself, was I those teachers’ designated angel of the moment?

Okay, the big illustration. Several years ago, we had a small house fire. Reconstruction from that led to the beginning of my kitchen being remodeled when hubby and I had absolutely no real money to do so. Not only did I happen on an entire set of cabinets (hardware AND moldings included) at 90% clearance at a wholesale cabinet place, but the store’s demo  layout was pretty much what a Lowe’s designer had sketched for me a few months before, while I wondered how my crazy kitchen space could be best utilized.

These cabinets wound up piled in our garage and hubby got stuck with the job of figuring out what to do with them. The man can be handy, mind you, but he’d never taken on a job of this magnitude and was pretty overwhelmed. This led to major procrastination on his part.

     ‘BEFORE’ (major lack of counter space)

Enter his childhood friend (we’ll call him Raphael—Rafa for short ;)), up from Florida to do  work for his aunt and uncle. Rafa has perfectionist tendencies and was getting crazy and frustrated trying to work with his relatives to complete repair/restoration jobs they weren’t willing to do right. He was also getting very upset staying there.

Hubby offered him the option of staying at our home. Rafa accepted and found himself incredibly restless until he happened into our garage and saw my cabinets. He put himself on as foreman for my kitchen remodel (and threw in un-texturing the ceiling just…because). Together with another of hubby’s longtime friends who knows electrical work and was up fromPuerto Rico, they gave my honey the direction and help he needed to turn my kitchen into the dream the lady at Lowe’s designed.

   ‘AFTER’ 😀

(Pizza-dough-rolling perfection space–courtesy of Lowe’s designer who taught me granite cost nominally more than high-end laminate and included the fees for templates, delivery and installation. Go figure. Wall and floor tile work/design courtesy of my brother and his workers.)


Ask anyone who believes in angels where they come from. ‘Heaven’ is the standard answer. I tell everyone mine came direct from Florida and Puerto Rico.

So what are your experiences with angels and faith?

Thanks for taking the time!