Job Description: Mom Wanted

Yay! Post number 235!  Hope you’re all enjoying this day. 

Celebrated mine and my niece’s birthday and mother’s day yesterday with snacks, homemade pizzas and dessert. We had my brother and his family, my mom and later, my son’s friends. Couldn’t ask for better. Spent this morning running around a little but now settled in and enjoying my yard, the breeze and my laptop!  (Weather on the north-central east coast has been awesome all weekend.) Special thanks to my good friend Diane Lang who sent this to my inbox and never minds my sharing her wonderful emails! 


It’s Mother Day today. I wanted to send a reminder of how much all moms do for us. If we had to hire  a mom this is what the ad would look like and I’m sure more could be added on! If moms received a paycheck our annual salary would be around $125,000. I think Moms are priceless!
Make sure you tell your mom how special she is this Sunday and all year long!
Happy Mother’s Day:
Help Wanted: Mom
Must have a beautiful  smile, warm eyes and a loving touch. Highly motivated and energetic individual with the ability to multi-task, negotiate, and manage time. Must be a self-starter and be willing to learn new tasks at any time. Must be organized, delegate responsibility and manage a budget. Patience is a must. Must work well under pressure. Must be responsible, caring, disciplined and have good managerial skills. Listening skills a plus. Must have a reliable car. Position requires long hours, overtime, weekends and holidays. No sick or vacation time. Pay is low, appreciation is rare but you will learn a lot from this position.
Diane Lang, MA
Counseling Educator
Thanks again, Diane! Hope you’re enjoying your day, too. 
Catch the rest of you later in the week!