A week lapsed? Already?

Hi, all,

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my first post!

There is always so much to do: paperwork, writing, cooking, keeping home livable, preparing for Easter… (Not that I’m hosting it, or any holiday or gathering this year, not until my kitchen is a place I actually enjoy looking at! Hubby and his buddy have their work cut out for them!)

How do you keep up? On the weekends, I tend to get crazy and obsessive, especially about maintaining some kind of baseline order around me. (Forget going through closets and storage containers for seasonal clothes, decor, painting, etc; those are spring break and then summer jobs.)  Unless I have no other choice–like when that evaluation or those rewrites are due tomorrow–I can’t seem to put on blinders to the chaos around me.

It’s probably not as bad as some other homes I’ve visited. Truth is, I have no choice but to live here. Though in many ways my family has outgrown it, my home can be a restful and visually pleasing place—when (almost) everything is in its place. (Keeping it that way feels like a mystery and my nemesis.)

How do you cope? Share your thoughts. You might just help someone–especially me–in the process.

Until next time,