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Hi all,

Welcome to a new week and another Positive Energy Monday. 🙂 Hope each of you is well.

We’ve had our fair share of challenges this week but are hanging in there as a family and trusting God with the reins. He always seems to handle them better than we do, lol. 

Funny. I always grab my good friend Diane’s inbox entries and share. This one truly applied to me this week–and especially on Sunday, when we got some unwelcome news. (Nothing horrid and totally deal-able.) Guess I can boil it down to it’s been a week of teachable moments. 


Every day is a learnable/teachable moment. The more I learn to live in the Now and create my day, the more I realize every moment is precious and can be learned from.

This eliminates the right and wrong. It just means what is… is what is.

It eliminates “mistakes;” instead of worrying about making a mistake I now realize that there are no mistakes,  just teachable moments.

Instead of thinking of “failures”, we just realize we need to adjust our path to fulfill our dreams and goals. Every day offers new opportunities. If you realize that, then you will realize there is no such thing as failure. A new direction has opened up.

If we think in the moment, we realize how great each moment is. You’re alive. The moment is all yours to do as you wish.

When you live in the now, you break free from control issues. In the now, we don’t worry about the future and why should we? We can’t control it anyway. We let go of the past because we realize it’s gone and we have the power to make each moment be whatever we choose.

When we live in the moment we actually stop and smell the flowers. We realize how many simple moments of pleasure we actually have each and every day. The small things give us the biggest pleasures such as my daughter’s laugh, my dog’s excitement every time I walk through the door, the warm sun and the lazy days of summer.

If we all could live in the NOW we could release a lot of our worry, anxiety and fear. Imagine life without those distractions.

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Thanks to Diane, as always, for allowing me to pass  her wisdom to you. The more I get to know her, the more I realize how much great insight she has and how blessed I am to be on the receiving end of it! 

My HMO about a book I loved later this week! Thanks for stopping in!


Stress? Diane Lang Helps Tackle THAT Monster

Welcome to Monday, friends. I always like to post positive articles and/or tips to start the week off. Always a pleasure to have my wonderful friend Diane Lang in the house! 


Here are some of Diane’s ideas on handling stress. Hey. None of us are spared the stress-monster but we can equip ourselves to manage at least some of it, so…

Here’s Diane:

We all have times in our life when we feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  Unfortunately, we can’t live a stress free life BUT we can change how we react to stress. We can become more optimistic and resilient so when stressful events happen in our life, we can handle the stress and move forward.

1. Admit that you are having feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, etc. If you try to hide and deny the pain you will end up burying it deep inside with no outlet. The unfortunate part is it will eventually rear its ugly head. Admit to your pain and take control. This will allow you to move forward an feel powerful. If you stay in denial, you will end up feeling stale, stagnate and depressed.

2. Work on what you CAN control. Once you admit your painful feelings then you can move on to working on what you Can control and remove what you can’t. If you continue to work on things you can’t control you will become frustrated and set yourself up for failure. Write a list of everything in your life that you can’t control. Take that list and do a symbolic activity to show that your removing the can’t from your life. Take the list and put it through a paper shredder or throw it into your fireplace whatever will symbolize your saying goodbye to the cant’s in your life. Then write a list of everything you can control. This will be the list you work on.

3. Find the good even when things are bad. Always look for the positives in a bad situation. For example: I have a friend who has cancer. Even though she has a bad diagnosis, is going through chemo, radiation and paying off medical bills, all she can talk about is the new great friends she has made. That is true positivity and resiliency. Sometimes the positive is what you have learned in a bad situation or how strong you have become but there is always a positive. Look at the big picture and you will find one.

4. Free write – journal write. It’s very healing. Journal writing can help you:

– Look back to see how far you have come;

– Problem solve and find solutions;

– Really think and work through your feelings.

Questions to ask yourself when writing:

How do I feel? Write if your feeling upset, angry, hurt, etc

Write your issues and then ask yourself: What can I do now?

What did I learn?

5. When your stressed you feel emotionally and mentally exhausted but it’s important to remember stress affects you physically. Be in tune with your body. Use your physical signs as warning signs/red flags that something is wrong. Are you feeling fatigued? Stomach problems? Neck and back aches, joint pain, etc.  These signs will let you know it’s time to stop, refuel and relax.

6. Relax. Make sure to take some extra time in your day to meditate, deep breathing exercises, yoga or walk/exercise. Exercise is one of the quickest ways to relax and de-stress quickly, all we need to do is walk. Go walking 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes and feel your stress melt away.

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Thanks so much, Diane! 

So how do you take the stress-monster by the reins? Any tip in particular that you identified with or one you’ve tried that works for you? How about one that may not be listed here? Please add your wisdom–think how you’re possibly benefiting so many others by doing so! (And, if you like what you read here, please take it one step further and give a click on the share button(s) of your choice? Thanks!)

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Back to School–Already???

Best to be prepared, I guess. (Sigh.) 
Hello friends! Diane Lang is here with some tips to getting kiddies of all ages ready to start the new school year fresh! (Make sure to scroll down to the end; she links us to her latest positive parenting article and offers a free workshop for those in the NJ area. :))

Back to school is right around. Here are some tips to make the transition back to school smooth for both the kids and the parents.

*Start the school schedule a few weeks before school starts. Gradually get your kids back into their school routine. For my daughter, each week she goes to bed early until we get back to her school schedule.

*Get the kids ready by going school shopping together for their school supplies. Make sure your kids are involved. This will help them to feel involved and independent. You can have your kids pick out their backpacks, lunch bags, pencil bags, etc.

*Go to school and visit before school starts. This will allow your child to learn their new surroundings and to help them feel comfortable on their first day at school.  Most schools have a few days that are open for visitors for this purpose.

*Go to school and visit before school starts. This will allow your child to learn their new surroundings and to help them feel comfortable on their first day at school.  Most schools have a few days that are open for visitors for this purpose.

*Always talk positive about school. Kids listen more then we think. You are their role model, if they hear you talk negative it can change their perspective on school.

*If your kids are young, read them books about going to school. Let your child ask questions about school.

Remember, kids can feel anxiety about their first day of school as young as pre-school all the way through college. It’s normal. Make sure to be supportive of your child.

Diane will be offering live help here:  Free Workshop for Parents at Whole Foods in Madison, NJ

Preparing for Back to School: Wednesday, August 24th at 12:00-1:30 pm FREE

Join Whole Foods Market Madison and Diane Lane, MA for tips and suggestion about the best way to prepare your child for the upcoming school year.   The end of summer break means no more going to bed late, sleeping late or playing outside till dark. This is the time when kids think new classrooms, teachers and friends.  Whether your child is starting pre-school or elementary school, it can still be an anxious time for both the kids and the parents. However if you prepare your child for school you can help sooth their nerves and have a smooth transition into the school year.  A complimentary light lunch will be served to all participants. Register via email at or call customer service at 973-822-8444.

Positive Parent article: My latest article can be read at Natural Awakenings

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Please feel free to add any tips you think belong on this list. And, anyone who may have attended Diane’s workshops, please feel free to share about your experience(s)!

Thanks, Diane! Looking forward to you joining us again one week from today with tips about encouraging and supporting our children during the learning process!

Until next time folks,