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Romantic Things a Hero Does…             

Since I can’t get the blog I’ve been working on worded the way I want maybe something more direct is in order here. I recently finished reading My Sergei, A Love Story, an amazingly touching memoir and tribute to Sergei Grinkov, Russian pairs skater, by his on-the-ice and real life partner, Ekaterina Gordeeva (with E. M. Swift). This highly decorated husband-wife team, best known for winning four World Championships and two Olympic gold medals, has touched this author of romance in a way that has resonated with me since the day—at least ten years ago—when I read a very condensed version of this story in Chicken Soup for the Couple’s Soul (and simply entitled My Sergei). The expanded version has affected me in a way I’ve been trying to describe and share with my readers but getting the words to meld has eluded me. (I will post it soon though, I promise!)

I suppose even the best hero falls short sometimes. Ekaterina loved surprises, but Sergei wasn’t big on them. Whenever she was due a gift, he preferred she come along and choose what she wanted or at least ask for something in particular. At some point she voiced her desire for breakfast in bed. He agreed and promised he’d do so after watching her prepare breakfast at least once. 

Sergei then set out to make Katia’s birthday special by honoring her wish. He made coffee twice, having done something wrong with his first attempt. Last minute he decided to drive to the grocery store for flowers with which to decorate her tray. He pushed the car out of the garage so he wouldn’t wake her and spoil the surprise! (Even my boys, ages 13 and 11, stopped and took note of that! :))

My honey, as those who read my last blog are now aware, has his moments. Besides the poetry, the constant voicing of sentiments (on both sides, we can be sickening when we’re alone) it’s the little things that stand out. The Valentine’s Day I woke up to find plastic hearts on a stem—the florists’ variety that gets stuck into an arrangement or bouquet—stuck to walls, mirrors and anywhere my gaze might land. Coming home to windows washed, dinner made, laundry folded and put away. My favorite? How my hero literally comes running if I lock myself out of my car or home, flatten a tire or (only on two occasions, thank goodness) have an accident with my car, forget the binder or laptop I prefer to have handy at work. Maybe not a big deal, but he lives for those moments when he can “rescue” his damsel-in-distress in pretty much any way.

Do you have a real-life romantic hero? Care to share the most romantic thing said person has ever done for you–or something incredibly special you’ve done for your sweetheart? (More than one episode works too!)

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