BlackJack: Our Memory Now

Hi all. Planned on posting something writing-related this week but that wasn’t to be. Last Saturday, my favorite cat got sick. Tuesday he died. Vet has no idea why.   After a very rough day and a pretty sleepless night, I found the letter below on the counter, written by my 12-year-old, who initially noticed BlackJack was looking less well than he had the previous day.

He expired a few minutes later. Earlier that morning, he’d thrown up the second antibiotic the vet gave in as many days, less than 30 minutes after I’d administered it. I knew where we were headed. I just didn’t realize how soon. Thankfully, we didn’t have to ask the vet to put him down.


When it comes to loss of a pet, not everyone understands. I’m so grateful for those who do. This big black boy was  nearly a yard long; in April, he topped the scales at nearly seventeen pounds. (My antennae had gone up at the vet’s when he weighed in at a little over fourteen pounds with no apparent reason for the weight loss.) Sweet and anxious and probably not the brightest bulb in the cat box, he had the best disposition. He came to us at about four months, after my friend’s neighbor trapped him and his sibling. Took him six months to stop hiding and make himself part of the family, but he so made up for lost time. During winter nights, I’d tuck my feet under him. Countless mornings, my husband and I woke up with him stretched full-length between us, a paw on one of my shoulders. Or, he’d wrap both paws around my arm or hubby’s while purring loud enough to replace any clock-radio.  Not one morning could I go into the bathroom w/o him following me in, lol. He looked like royalty and he was my baby.

Just thought I’d share my son’s letter:

Dear Blackie,

We will miss you and never forget you. You were the greatest cat ever. You’re in our memories, and also in heaven. In heaven you won’t have to suffer and be sick. You’ll be happy and healthy. You are a great boy. God is with you now. I’ll miss you and so will everyone else. You were the best cat ever. We love you, Blackie, 2004-2011.  😦

Your family and cat buddies (Screwball and Mauer McNabb)

Until next time,