Serbian Superlative and Star-Spaniard Set New Open Era Record

Good day, all (with a special hello to all my extended family Down Under :)). Got a little tied up last week, but all the more reason to make sure I posted today!

5:53—the longest men’s singles final ever played at a tennis championship and a stat now owned by Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and the 2012 Australian Open.

And what a match it was. A nailbiter, especially well into the fourth set, when Rafa looked as though he was about to hit the Aussie road back to his hotel. Being the champion he is though, he manufactured enough chances to take the fourth and go quite a distance in the fifth.

   Photograph: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images

A true battle raged and yes, a winner had to emerge. For the seventh time between these two, Djokovic found the way. Even he said, too bad there couldn’t two winners, because these amazing young men both proved their mettle today. (Besides being a major Rafa fan, a win from him today may have set a very different tone for the rest of this tennis year as well as a rivalry that has potential to be that much more fun to witness. We’ll see how the various tennis seasons progress.)

   AP Photo/Aaron Favila

Back to the finalists: Each took his win and his loss in the most gracious manner I’ve seen yet.  A final note: when Djok called for chairs, it was nice to remember how human these guys actually are.

   Image Source : Zimbio’s 2012 Australian Open Rafael Nadal Photo Gallery

On to the rest of the tennis year!

For those who want more detail than I can provide, more on this epic match here!

Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday (and a break from sports action for a while). The Australian time difference really messes with a sleep schedule, lol!

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Djok-hold On the Grand Slams for 2011

Wanted to post this yesterday but didn’t want to take away from my previous engagement with the wonderful authors over at Reflections in Hindsight. If you missed my post about what I’d do differently given the knowledge I’ve gained in the past near-two years, hope you take a moment and read my thoughts on that subject here.

 Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

What a final stretch to get to the finish!

Via a physical display on both sides of the net that left the rest of us mere humans exhausted just watching, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal showed why each owns the ranking of Number One and Number Two, respectively. (When it comes to fitness and athleticism, though, I’m giving these guys a tie at top billing.) And when it comes to rooting for your favorite player? It’s to both these young guys’ credit that you felt badly pulling for either one at any time b/c that meant you weren’t pulling for the other guy at any given moment. (I know. It’s up there with keeping up with that ball going back and forth across the court.)

Beginning with Serbia’s Davis Cup win Novak Djokovic spent from then through today amazing the tennis world with his eye-popping record of 64-2. I’ll paraphrase what  Rafa Nadal so graciously said in his interview at the end of the US Open Tennis Men’s Final, where he came in as runner-up: he (Novak) has done something incredible that will be extremely difficult to repeat.

And that folks, is why The Djok deserves to hold that trophy high and revel in his moment. He earned it.

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Oh Say Can You See…

Wimbledon’s latest royal addition and the world’s new Number One ranked player?


Wow. A little rough on the Rafa fans, yes, but–fine!–we’ll let The Djok borrow the crown. Besides, how can one NOT be infected by that exuberant smile? Well done, Novak. You’ve earned your place among Wimbledon’s elite and this die hard tennis fan!

In other Aislinn news, the garden begins giving back:

Zucchini and pumpkin blossoms will be on the menu at hubby’s BBQ for the Fourth. (Think I should go watch Independence Day or maybe 1776 or something. I do NOT plan on cleaning. Spent close to nineteen hours shuffling papers and emptying ‘dumping ground’ baskets since Friday past–ran out of Wimbledon before I finished all the jobs that need to be done around here. :))

On Wednesday, look for something writing-related, lol. Haven’t decided if it will be an author interview or craft. FAFF tbd as well.

Happy Fourth to all that recognize and celebrate the freedom the USA provides. Thanks to our forefathers who fought to establish it, and to those TODAY who continue to maintain it. As easy as it is to gripe about so many things, in so many ways, God truly blesses the United States.

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PEM: Healthy Viewing Choices for Kids

Good day, everyone.  Yes, I know, Monday has a bad rap simply because it gets the questionable honor of being the first day of most folks’ work week. (Mine, too.) But hey, we are here to tell about it and make the best of it.
I’ll start with this:
A positive TV image in my book anyday–Novak Djokovic (my 2nd favorite player) beats my #1 tennis player (and the world’s too), Rafa Nadal, in a 3-1/2-hour nailbiter out of Miami , the Sony Ericsson Tennis Open (a.k.a., the fifth grand slam, in some circles). Wouldn’t mind my kids spending more time watching (then implementing what they’ve learned on the neighborhood courts).
Keeping things positive on a Monday, I’m thrilled to have another of Diane Lang’s posts to share. Today she tackles a subject near and dear to my heart–te overabundance of media impacting our kids. (Wonder if our parents felt the same way when TV became a more common household item–hmm.)
Healthy viewing choices for your children
It’s a constant battle with the media and all the technology around us. There is a lot of great things about TV, video games and computers. There is an educational value on all three but what about the negatives? Below will be some tips on helping your children make healthy choices with TV, Video games and computer.
1. Research says young kids watch between 4-6 hours of TV ( this also includes video and computers).This is way too much time. A healthy amount of time to be spent in front of the TV and technology is 1-2 hours a day. This is also a realistic amount of time. Some research says less then an hour a day but as a parent we know this might not be realistic. 1-2 hours  a day is more realistic.
2. Offer alternatives to TV and technology. Have your kids signed up for activities that involve either socialization and/or physical activity. Also, offer alternatives such as: Board games, playing outside, arts and crafts, music/dance, play dates, etc.  
*Have a flashback moment: Think: When I was a child how did I occupy my time? Think of all the fun things we did as a child before video games/computers. We played outside, hide and seek, tag, swings, collecting leaves and rocks outside; We had puzzles, deck of cards, board games, etc.
3. When your child watches TV, try to be involved. Watch the program with your child. Discuss the program afterwards. Ask questions: what did they like about the show? what was their favorite character? Etc.
4. Consequences of too much time in front of the TV, computer or playing video games:
Lack of physical activity which can lead to obesity. Children can also have less fresh air due to the TV, computer and video games being inside games.
Lack of socialization– they now say that teenagers are getting depressed due to social networking on their computers with such sites as face book and my space. Fight this battle with younger kids. Set up play dates.
TV shows include a lot of commercials – this puts you in a  tough situation because your kids will be constantly wanting/asking for new games, toys and sugary foods. Fight the battle by using DVD’s where there are no commercials.
It also affects their attention span.
For more information contact Diane at
Visit my website:
I find this discussion fascinating, especially the decreased attention span. I definitely have my thoughts on the matter and maybe will bring them up at another time. Thanks so much, Diane, for sharing your insight and remedial ideas with all of us here!
Thanks so much for stopping in, friends. Life is a bit hairy at my house right now, and this week’s blog may fall a little short. I’m hoping though, to sneak in what I’d originally planned. Stay posted and have a wonderful day!

It’s Been A Happy Week :)

 John Pye

2011 Australian Tennis Open Champion–made me quite happy 🙂


Not too shabby over in this hemisphere 🙂

Congrats to two awesome players and the teams that back them!

And special thanks to my son Nicholas for the header image–he took the shot for fun then realized his mom might like it for her header. Thanks son!