PEM: My Abundance

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First: a giant shout-out birthday wish for peace, health and joy this upcoming year to my favorite Leo–my hubby! Love you, honey! Hope you have a wonderful day! (Can’t you just see that lion of mine puffing up as he reads this… :D)

Nice to be back after a busy week. Working an abbreviated schedule but still had to go in four days (instead of the scheduled two–how does that happen?). What should have been a fun weekend at the shore turned out to be taking care of my favorite kitty all weekend. My Blackjack has something infectious going on and hopefully won’t need to be hospitalized b/c of dehydration (or worse). Antibiotics seem to be helping but he’s not eating or drinking (unless I force it via a syringe). With a little luck, the power of the Twitter and Facebook collectives might have some ideas. I’m open to suggestions.  

In the meantime, some wonderful reminders of how an ‘attitude of gratitude’ can change any perspective.  Cool little tidbit I heard earlier: a friend wrote daily gratitude lists. One day, when she wasn’t feeling particularly thankful, someone suggested she write a list of things that were bothering her instead. While filing the ‘gripe list’ she came across the a gratitude list and noticed each item was incredibly similar–just her thinking on the individual days was different when she wrote each list. Go figure. It really can be all about HOW we choose to see things.

With that, I pass on to you, directly from my inbox, my great friend Diane Lang’s most recent communique to me.


My Abundance. 

As I sit outside in my backyard on this lazy July day, I become mindful of everything around me. I realize all that I have and need is with me right here and now. I realize that on days when the glass seems half empty I should realize how full it is by pouring in some gratitude and appreciation for all I have. So, I sat still for about forty five minutes and soaked in all that life has to offer and surprisingly it was all free. This list is just a reminder of all the abundance we have in our lives at any moment. This is a reminder to live in the here and now. We are our happiest when we live in the moment.

  1. The clear sky with it’s bright blue coloring
  2. The sun shining
  3. The warmth that I feel on my skin on this sunny beautiful day
  4. The breeze that cooled me off
  5. The green grass that feels cool on my feet
  6. The beautiful surroundings that make me smile every time I look around me
  7. A sense of higher power – looking around at all this beauty there has to be something bigger then us
  8. My adorable 12 year old golden retriever who doesn’t seem to realize he is aging while he nudges me with his ball
  9. The local libraries that offer me free books, movies and magazines which I took advantage of on this beautiful, lazy day
  10. The ability to read my books and use my creativity and imagination to a get a full view of the characters and the story I’m reading. There is nothing like visualizing!
  11. The freedom to choose what I want to do with my time and my life. I’m lucky to have the freedom to take the day off and enjoy it the way I please
  12. The ability to change my perspective at any time. I have the ability to see the glass half full or empty – I choose full!
  13. The ability to laugh and smile
  14. The ability to enjoy my family and friends.
  15. To give and receive love

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It’s an Awesome Day

Perspective makes it so, friends.

National State Forest, NH   August 2010

Here it is, Saturday morning as I tap out these thoughts. I’m supposed to be writing reports (and I’ll get to them, right after this, and after I check the Roses of Prose blog for any comments I should be responding to; then I’ll update my Facebook status and…somehow I do find my way back).

Anyway, as I poured my first cup of coffee I was doing some internal grumpin’ ‘bout having paperwork to do on a Saturday again. Then I thought about earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactors, Haiti, Indonesia, Japan and the 194 photos I looked at earlier. My perspective shifted and now, I’m beyond grateful for this cup of joe I can pour when I want. My home is intact and everyone in it safe. I can pick up the phone, call my mom and pretty much count on her answering. I mixed Greek yogurt with French vanilla creamer and crumbled freshly made peppermint chocolate into it. I get to share these thoughts with you. (And so far, I’ve kept it brief, which means I’ll be getting to that paperwork sooner than I thought.)

My first-name friends and I call this an ‘attitude of gratitude.’

Makes all the difference.

Your turn to share about how attitude, gratitude and perspective influence your day!

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