Scenes of a Black Friday (And Some Memories Too!)

Happy Black Friday, friends! (I mean, good day after Thanksgiving! Anyone want to bet on when BF will become our next national holiday?)

Spent a fantastic day with my immediate family, my brother and his (which included four kids ranging in age from nine to four years); my mom, mom-in-law and a friend of hubby’s. Amazingly, no drop-ins. Food abounded (as did noise and the mess) but all is cleaned up and back to baseline. Leftovers mean little or no cooking today. Works for me.

  Thanksgiving 2011

So who is into the shopping madness? I never was and most likely never will be (even though online deals can catch my attention…)

Having said that, I thought we might have some fun and share a few Black Friday memories. Mine fit me: often totally clueless until I’m in the middle of something before I realize I’m enmeshed.

These are my stories:

BF #1: I was old enough to have a driver’s license. Mom and I decide to take a ride to the mall. We were kind of surprised at the lack of parking but scouted for a spot and eventually made our way inside. Of course, folks were traipsing everywhere, but what really got me is how the second floor of the mall literally bounced under my feet. We probably stopped in a store or two, then skedaddled out of there. Haven’t been to the mall on BF since.

BF# 2: Fast forward minimum ten years. I’m married and my older son has just celebrated his first birthday. My stepsons are five, seven and eleven and still regulars at my house. A now-defunct department store chain had a really great special on comforters; figured I’d get some for the boys’ room. Popped my son into the car and then into the shopping cart’s seat and headed into the shopper mix over in the bedding department.

Folks were piled in front of an oversized box and frantically digging through it for the BF deal comforters; others were mashed against a set of double doors waiting for workers to bring out more. Guess I must have been standing there, taking this in and wondering how I’d get a couple without leaving my son unattended. Some lady looked at him, then at me and told me I shouldn’t really bring my baby in there—it’s not safe or he could get hurt or something like that. I remember being taken aback—and still not fully getting what was going on—but had enough sense to decide some on-sale quilts were not worth bringing harm to a one-year-old (or to myself, lol).

BF #3 (2010): Ventured out to Target or Kohl’s (or somewhere) for the first time since BF #2 but around 7 PM. Surprised to find relative shopping calm that late in the day. I suppose that’s what happens once the doorbuster deals are done and the all-night crowd peters out.

I now turn over the comment box: here’s a chance to share your Black Friday story! Are you among those willing to give up a night’s sleep among the shopper masses? Do you venture out at all? Is the internet your BF stomping ground?

Have a wonderful day, everyone! (And get ready for Cyber-Monday! :))

Be safe,