On A Virtual Visit with Babette James…

Happy first Friday in August folks–hey! Didn’t July start just the other day? Where did it go?

I’m visiting with fellow Liberty States Fiction Writers member Babette James today! She’s been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to share the topic of my recent talk at the Howell Twp Public Library in NJ. So if you couldn’t be there in person, here are the highlights of my chat with some very nice folks who took time out of their busy Saturday to hear what I had to say.

You’ll find a little sneak-peak there as well. Come on over: http://babettejames.com/2012/08/03/what-id-do-differently-by-joanna-aislinn/


Am I Alone in my Thoughts on This?

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is well and praying the storm set to ravage the East Coast will blow out to sea and stay there until it runs itself out. Yesterday’s earthquake had me a little nervous about tidal waves but that’s because I don’t know enough about the physics of waves, earthquakes, east, west, etc.

Keeping it short today: on less than four hours sleep. Was wide awake until at least 2 AM then awakened again by younger son who was up four hours later. I’d told him earlier he needed to start adjusting his sleep schedule for soon-to-start school purposes, so he set his alarm and was ready to jump into the shower at 6 AM! (Help! That’s when he listens? I meant he needed to go to bed earlier. Amazing–and food for another post on what women say and males hear but we’ll save that for another day.)

Sorry! Back to blogpost. (These things happen when you’re innately DBD–distracted by dust–and tend to intensify with increased exposure to Twitter, Facebook and various other forms of social media.)

Where was I????

Here! Recently I posted a quick summary of my thoughts on self-pubbed phenom Amanda Hocking’s paranormal YA Switched, the first installment of her Trylle Trilogy. While at her blog looking for a cover image to post alongside my write-up, I noticed a ‘pre-order’ link for that book in paperback as well as for e-copies for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

(Please note: before I continue I am compelled to provide one sentence of background: Earlier this year Ms. Hocking accepted a two-million dollar advance by St. Martin’s Press, one of the biggest names in traditional publishing. I’m guessing she sold the rights to ALL her works.)

I followed that link to a brandy-new, stunningly beautiful cover and updated (?) price to match: $7.99 for the e-book version (followed by This price was set by the publisher.) I paid $0.99 and later $2.99 for Torn (part two).

Not judging the publisher (and definitely not the author) but just saying: Is it me, or does this bother you too?

Stay safe everyone! Pray for good weather (and for lots of tennis greats to be walking the USTA’s grounds at US Open qualifying round play! 😀 Rafa won’t be there–he’ll be in Manhattan doing a meet-n-greet for Armani jeans. Such is life…)